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25.10.2017 | Степан Максимов

The launch of the MCC increased traffic to the Sunflowers shopping center by 12 times

Specialists of Ecoofis Group of Companies analyzed the dynamics of traffic in Sunflowers shopping center, on the territory of which the Moscow Central Ring station Rokossovsky Boulevard opened in the fall of 2016;. During the year of operation of the MCC, the traffic of the facility increased 12 times.


For the first few months of the MCC's operation, the dynamics of traffic was not so impressive: the growth was about 35-40%. It took some time for the citizens to appreciate the convenience of the MCC and rebuild their daily routes taking into account the updated transport system.



Especially significant growth is observed in those shopping facilities that are located on the way from the metro station to the MCC. "Thanks to their location, these stores have essentially replaced kiosks and tents at the metro station," explains the owner of GC "Ecoofis" Andrey Kovalev.


According to the Moscow Metro, in the first year of the MCC's operation, the traffic of the new ring grew ahead of forecast indicators by 2-3 times. The traffic of the metro station "Rokossovsky Boulevard" during rush hour is about 3,500 passengers.