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Брендовая одежда оптом
IP «Tabakov Valerij Vladimirovich»
The Russian brand Valiri Street was founded in 2019 and for the first time existed as a multi-brand online store
IP "Semeryuk Sergey Evgenievich"
SVPR is a young men's clothing brand designed to help the stronger sex achieve their goals
IP "Gennady Ivanovich Tkachev"
EDDER is not just a men's clothing brand, it is a philosophy embodied in stylish and comfortable things
IP "Murtazina Isolda Erikovna"
Salome the Raccoon is a brand of basic and colorful clothing
IP "Biryukova Irina Vladimirovna"
MIRAMI is a Russian clothing brand for girls, founded in 2021 in Yekaterinburg by Irina Biryukova
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1001 Dress - fashionable women's dresses wholesale. Blinova V.A., sole proprietor
1001 Dress is a Russian brand that produces a wide range of various dresses. These are strict outfits for offices, chic evening dresses, and seductive cocktail dresses that can be sold in traditional retail or through an online store.
Ivanhoe-2, LLC
The Ivanhoe sewing company produces school clothes under its own brand.
Akimbo LLC
AKIMBO is a Russian brand of neoclassical–style clothing for real ladies.
AksArt is a Russian manufacturer of children's outerwear with 20 years of experience.
Openwork, LLC
ALBERTINO is a leading manufacturer of fabrics for outerwear.
LMS Mode
The Alembika brand offers an avant-garde collection designed for women of all ages.
Kampotex, LLC
"Kampotex" is one of the largest companies producing products from natural fabrics under its own brands Alpecora and WoolHouse.
Slavutina A.E., sole proprietor
Anna Slavutina – unique author's jewelry of high quality.
IP "Grigorieva Anna Georgievna"
ANNBRANND was born out of inspiration from the luxury brands of the early 2000s, as well as a desire for openness, honesty and high quality.
Khotenko Elena Aleksandrovna, Sole proprietor
Come Prima is a young, actively developing Russian brand.
AVI - outerwear wholesale. LLC "Ruscontract"
AVI: fashion and comfort of outerwear. The main goal of the founders of the AVI brand is to create products in which women and men will feel warm and comfortable.
«Модный magazin»
Baturina E.B., sole proprietor
"Karapuzik" is a comfortable, stylish and high–quality clothing for babies from birth to 3 years old.
Baby Boom - children's clothing from the manufacturer. Baby Boom, LLC
Baby Boom is a Russian manufacturer of high-quality clothing.
Barbaras is a European company that has been producing children's knitted hats, scarves and other accessories for more than 40 years. The brand's products are distinguished not only by their original design, but also by their functionality.
AMT-Group, LLC
Praechtig Berlin is a young brand from Germany that produces women's clothing.
Bel Bimbo - children's clothing wholesale. 000"Bimosha"
Bell Bimbo is a brand that embodies the desire of children and their parents to express their individuality through fashion.
ARD Trade Group, LLC
Bella Kareema brand offers not clothes, but a new attitude to life, embodying style and refined taste, the best quality for elegant and sophisticated women.
AVERY - clothing of large sizes wholesale. Avery LLC
Ivanhoe-2, LLC
BENAFFETTO is a trademark of the Ivanhoe factory, which produces men's clothing in business and Smart casual style.
BIG STAR Limited Sp. z o.o.
BIG STAR is clothing for independent and self–confident young people.
Since 1984, the Spanish brand Bóboli has been creating fashion collections for toddlers and teenagers for all occasions. In 1990, the brand took one of the leading positions in the children's fashion industry.
Canoe, LLC
Canoe combines the trends of modern fashion with the perfection of traditional spinning craftsmanship.
Karl Gross - men's suits wholesale. Limited Company "Creation Gross GmbH & Co. KG"
The CARL GROSS clothing brand presents images in elegant business and refined casual styles.
KANZLER is a men's clothing brand with a 20–year history, successfully operating in the Russian market.
SMENA is a leading manufacturer of school uniforms.
TM Choupette is a domestic brand of designer children's clothing and shoes.
«Модный magazin»
The exhibition "CJF – Children's Fashion", the international exhibition "Children's and Youth Fashion", is a significant event in the world of children's fashion. The exhibition brings together hundreds of companies, bringing together professionals of the children's fashion industry from more than two dozen countries around the world.
SOHO Fashion
The Clarks collection features men's and women's shoe lines and accessories.
Yudintsev V.S., sole proprietor
CLEVER wear is a modern Russian brand of clothing and underwear for the whole family.
Multi-Brand, LLC
CONDRA DELUXE produces up-to-date high-quality clothing.
The Collection Premiere Moscow (CPM) exhibition is a leading international platform for fashion industry professionals, providing unique opportunities for clothing manufacturers, accessories and buyers to meet.
LBG Group, LLC
CROCODILIE COUP is a new clothing brand from St. Petersburg.
Dymma A.Yu., sole proprietor
The main specialization of the company is outerwear for girls and women.
PC "Darimir Promtex", LLC
"DariMir" is a domestic brand of high–quality children's clothing.
Lond D.M., sole proprietor
DARYA LOND is a young brand of costume jewelry with its own design bureau and production in St. Petersburg.
RusTrade, LLC
DeVita company is a stable and developing company that produces fashionable and beautiful clothes.
Ecolife is a design, production and wholesale of knitted and crocheted clothing for children 0-12 years old.
IP "Gennady Ivanovich Tkachev"
EDDER is not just a men's clothing brand, it is a philosophy embodied in stylish and comfortable things
Edmins, LLC
EDMINS is the largest company in Russia for the production and sale of weekend leather gloves.
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