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The path is found. CDEK.Shopping has launched the delivery of Zara and Uniqlo products
As we remember, on March 5 of this year, Inditex, which owns the Zara brand, announced the suspension of all group stores and online sales in Russia. Although there were more than 500 retail stores in the country, the press service said that the company's investments in the Russian market "are not financially significant."
H&M sells the remaining goods before leaving Russia, but does not close the office
H&M has resumed the operation of stores in the Moscow shopping centers "Metropolis" and "Aviapark". The stocks in the warehouses should be enough for about 50 weeks of work. Now the stores offer clothes, shoes and accessories from the spring and summer collections.
Return of brands to Russia via China: Reserved case
160 international networks announced the temporary suspension of activities in the Russian Federation, Knight Frank calculated. Of these, 21% are fashion retailers. Even the temporary closure of stores of international brands has led to serious problems of large shopping centers (from 60 thousand square meters) in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where such retailers rent 15-25% of the total area.
21.10.2019 | Анна Консон
"KORUS Consulting" financial planning system.
KORUS Consulting Group automated the formation of P&L reports on management accounting analysts at Gloria Jeans, one of Russia's largest clothing retail chains.
09.10.2019 | Анна Консон
Digital shoe codes will be free
The operator of the labeling system, the Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies (CRPT), has decided to issue codes for shoe remnants free of charge.
02.10.2019 | Анна Консон
"Sportmaster" bought GO Sport Polska
The group of companies "Sportmaster" announced the purchase of the Polish chain of sports stores GO Sport Polska.
25.09.2019 | Анна Консон
H&M launched sales of subsidiary brands
H&M has launched sales of subsidiary brands. (& Other Stories and Arket) in test mode in some markets.
03.09.2019 | Анна Консон
Analysis of the Choupette franchise
Roman Kirilovich, co-founder of the French company, took the place of a potential Choupette franchisee.
20.08.2019 | Анна Консон
Choupette does not stop there
In the summer of 2019, the TM Choupette brand was closely engaged in the development and promotion of its franchise. The impetus for a new stage in development was the expansion and demand for the purchase of new franchises around the world.
05.08.2019 | Анна Консон
Inspiring Franchise from St. Friday Socks
The brand of designer socks St. Friday Socks intends to develop a retail franchise network.
18.07.2019 | Анна Консон
Tom Tailor − 2 more new stores in Russia
The Tom Tailor brand has opened 2 new franchised stores in Russia − in Ryazan and Stavropol.
Shoes of Russia: 48 new outlets in a year
The Obuv Rossii Group of Companies, the first public retailer of the Russian fashion market, sums up the results of 2018. In just a year, the Group has opened 48 new partner outlets.
Tom Tailor continues to develop his franchise
The European retailer Tom Tailor opened three more new franchised stores in October – in Ufa, Rostov-on-Don and Nikolaev.
20 new outlets in the Shoes of Russia network
Obuv Rossii Group resumed its franchise program in the 3rd quarter of 2018 and opened 20 partner stores under the Lisette and S-TEP brands in the cities of Siberia and the Urals during the period July-September.
New Tom Tailor Franchise Stores
European retailer Tom Tailor opened three new franchised stores in September – in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.