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About platform «Модный magazi

clothes wholesale
from the manufacturer
«Модный magazin» is a multi-channel platform of the fashion industry.
Our platform is specially created for the daily work and direct communications of fashion industry professionals, is a tool for promoting a brand or trademark, provides an opportunity to sell and buy wholesale clothing and light industry goods.
Printed edition «Модный magazi
A specialized magazine of the fashion industry in b2b format. The first periodical, published since 2002, which covers all the links of the fashion process - from the creation, promotion of goods and services to the effective organization of sales. 6 issues per year with a total circulation of 10,000 copies.

The magazine "Модный magazin" is distributed by editorial subscription, as well as among managers and top managers of stores, boutiques, manufacturing and wholesale and retail enterprises, management and trading companies in Russia and the CIS.

70-80% of the circulation is sold at specialized exhibitions in Russia and abroad: Collection Premiere Moscow, «ТекстильЛегПром», «Индустрия Моды», BuyBrand,
TheGallery, ShoesSta and many others.

Subscription through the agencies "Rospechat", "Interpochta" and "All Press".
Online platform «Модный magazi
We create your own convenient, beautiful, understandable and constantly updated online showcase of goods or services with the help of our editorial staff and technical specialists, allowing:
  • to position your brand or product on the Internet;
  • create a convenient environment for wholesale online orders of regular customers and new partners;
  • communicate with customers and suppliers directly, without intermediaries;
  • interact with market participants and the expert community;
  • to form a positive opinion about the company among professionals;
  • publish your own expert opinion, materials and articles;
  • receive and process orders and monitor the status of their fulfillment in your personal account;
  • monitor and record electronically the history of negotiations with clients and partners.
Club «Модный magazi
A community of industry leaders, in which we increase the culture of the wholesale market of light industry goods, constantly developing our knowledge and competencies, increasing our partner and customer base, improving technologies and increasing sales volumes.
Leading experts, designers, buyers, journalists, manufacturers, agents, representatives of brands and brands — all those who are interested in fashion, who form the Russian clothing market, style and attitude of tomorrow - have gathered in our club and interact with each other every day.
The academy «Модный magazi
Webinars, round tables, master classes and training seminars, coaching and consulting, real cases and solving specific business problems, only high-quality and personally proven knowledge from leading experts in the fashion industry.
Tasks of the Academy «Модный magazin»:
  • Educational function.
  • Relevant issues for the modern fashion market.
  • Modern technologies of effective business formation.
  • Practices of modern marketing in brand building, organization of business processes and formation of sustainable demand.
special projects «Модный magazi
A bright application about your brand, a show, a new collection or a sale to a profile audience of the fashion market.

Do you want to quickly and effectively tell industry professionals about your product or event, build interaction with the target audience, or receive applications for pre-ordering a collection?

Our specialists, together with representatives of your brand, will develop a unique creative and mechanics of a special project, work out the content, design, IT component, create a Landing Page, study the optimal channels for receiving traffic, place contextual and affiliate advertising on special conditions.

«Модный magazin» — all tools for wholesale clothing sales in one package.
We present to your attention only some items included in the subscription fee:
in the magazine
Advertising modules 1\1
Participation in thematic reviews
Informational articles
*Special positions
Placement in the Catalog category
Publications in the news section
online showcase of the
Creating an online brand showcase
Personal account (CRM system)
2 interviews per year
12 articles per year
Informational notes
50 articles per model
3D shooting of 50 articles
*10 stopmotion
25 articles for Instagram
Costuming and make-up
Photo processing
SEO-optimization of all materials
SMM promotion
Affiliate Marketing
*Self-promos and webinars
Banners on the platform
E-mail mailing lists
* Read more about the services, opportunities, terms and conditions in the full description of the package of services
To date, over 150 brands and trademarks have chosen to cooperate with us.
In total, for 110,000 rubles per month
more than 30 specialists work for you.
Attracting new wholesale
[ direct sales ]
Presentation of your company or brand on the Russian market.
[ direct sales ]
Attracting new strategic partners and contractors.
[ deferred sales ]
Preparation of a report
on the work done in the form of a
pool of information
[ analytics ]
Implementation of the "sowing" of the necessary
[ PR ]
Promotion of you
as a profile expert.
[ personal PR ]
Reputation management and work
with negativity.
[ SERM ]
Forming an opinion among the
[ OB ]
Formation of opinion among
specialized institutions.
[ GR ]
A comprehensive approach — from auditing to increasing wholesale sales.
B2B online
Promotion package
[ CRM ]
Personal Account
Our mission is to help the formation of the Russian fashion industry market.
Use our opportunities to sell your products and promote brands!
on the market
The best industry publication is a specialized editorial office, immersed in a professional fashion environment for more than 15 years, with a wealth of analytical data and thematic knowledge.
Our own team of developers of IT solutions and infrastructure of the highest professional level, who have created online projects with multimillion traffic.
The top management of the project has experience in creating a business from scratch, bringing new goods and services to the market, as well as selling trademarks.
With our help, the rebranding and restructuring of major players – manufacturers and sellers of clothing - have been successfully carried out.
We bring companies to the online space, build a comprehensive promotion and debug the sales process for Russian manufacturers of clothing, shoes and accessories.
Leading experts and industry professionals cooperate with us.
Every day, together with our partners and clients, we implement tasks for dozens of leading companies in the industry.
We automate the process and create a culture of wholesale sales in the network.
«Модный magazin» — your personal assistant for B2B sales of light industry goods.
How do I get started with the platform?
Register on the platform and fill in the details of your Legal Entity
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