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22.09.2017 | Наталья Кулагина

"Children's World" turns 70 years old

The first store with the name «Children's World» opened on September 8, 1947 in Moscow, on Kirova Street (now Myasnitskaya), and was a branch of TSUMa. Ten years later, in June 1957, the largest children's goods store in Europe was opened in the center of Moscow under the same name. Already in the first year of operation of the department store, its turnover amounted to 93 million rubles, which was a serious achievement for Soviet trade.



The store was not only a trading enterprise. Its management actively participated in the development and production of goods for children. Despite the fact that it was not easy to form an attractive assortment in the conditions of the Soviet economy, exclusive products and all kinds of novelties appeared on the shelves of the Children's World from the very beginning of its work. In addition, in times of scarcity, it was one of the few stores where imported goods from the countries of the socialist commonwealth could be purchased: Czechoslovakia, GDR, Poland, Hungary, Romania.



In the summer of 2000, the management and new shareholders of "Children's World"AFK «System» – decided to build a national chain of stores. So supermarkets of the "Children's World" chain began to open in the cities of the country.


Today, the chain of stores «Detsky Mir» has 505 supermarkets in 186 cities of Russia and Kazakhstan. The range of stores includes tens of thousands of items of goods for children from well-known Russian and international manufacturers. «Children's World» presents toys, board games, products for newborns, baby food, clothing, shoes, sporting goods, books and much more. Since 2010, products from «Children's World» can also be purchased in the company's online store.



Over the past five years, the revenue of the Group of Companies «Detsky Mir» has grown almost 3 times – from 27.6 to 79.5 billion rubles. The retail area has increased from 291 to 596 thousand square meters. The company's share in the children's goods market increased from 7.1% to 17%.


In February 2017, the Group of Companies «Detsky Mir» carried out an initial public offering (IPO) on the Moscow Stock Exchange.


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