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13.10.2017 | Степан Максимов

A new boutique of the Cashmere and Silk company has opened in St. Petersburg

A multi-brand boutique of the company "Cashmere and Silk" has opened in Outlet Village Pulkovo, which presents collections of luxury clothing and accessories from leading world manufacturers.


«Cashmere and Silk» – a Russian company with a 20-year history. At first, the brand was called Fashion World, but after receiving a strong association with the sale of clothing made of natural materials, the management decided to change the name to Cashmere and Silk.



The company's products «Cashmere and Silk» combines natural fabrics, high quality materials and excellent cut. The store's assortment includes more than 2,000 models of clothing, stoles, hats, gloves, belts for women, men and children. Among the brands there are world-famous Brunello Cucinelli, Fay, Agnona, Les Copains, Missoni, Santoni, Peserico and others.


All products in the new boutique are presented with discounts from 30% to 70%.