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What does a fashion entrepreneur need to know when drafting a contract?
The presence of clearly defined obligations and measures of responsibility for their violation contributes to the stability and predictability of the business
Why is fashion personalization in online stores so difficult?
While algorithmic personalization has already taken over the world of music and video, fashion still remains unconquered
A new era of fashion photography
Times are passing, nothing stands still, and fashion photography, among other things, continues its development in the new century
Can Russian-made clothes become an alternative to European brands?
With the departure of many European brands, Russian citizens began to purchase clothes from local designers more actively
The "pink Tax": why do women pay more?
The "pink tax" is an unspoken but tangible practice in which women pay more for goods
Converse is back in fashion!
According to data analytics, but make it fashion, mentions of Converse have increased by 55 over the past week%
Fashion Photography: Origins
Today, fashion and photography continue to evolve, shaping and reflecting our understanding of beauty and individuality
The Russian luxury industry is steadily on its feet
The fashion industry in Russia is a significant segment of the national economy
The consumer of the future according to WGSN
WGSN conducted an interesting study and compiled an approximate portrait of the buyer of the future
Brand DNA: how a fashion business can build a clear concept and positioning
Creating a unique concept and building brand positioning play a key role in the modern business world
Russian designers conquer the secondary market
Russian brands are strengthening their positions
Successful marketing strategies for emerging fashion brands
In this article, we will talk about several successful marketing strategies for brands just starting their way in the fashion industry
How much money has the Met Gala raised this year?
This amount exceeds all philanthropic activities
How a fashion brand can succeed and win the hearts of customers
In the modern fashion world, where competition is extremely high, competent marketing is the key to the success of any brand
Deconstructive fashion is the most provocative fashion trend
In this article, we will talk about what deconstructive fashion is, how it originated and thanks to whom it became in demand