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Befree turns virtual fashion into reality
The Befree brand has made a breakthrough step by converting digital sketches from the Befree Co: Create Denim Punk competition into real clothes
Fashion in 3D: why is the future of virtual images of clothes?
3D modeling allows designers to create clothes and accessories virtually, without wasting time and resources on prototyping
Faded fabrics — damaged material or unique design
The uniqueness of the technology lies in the fact that the design is created not by man or machine, but by nature itself
The new Loro Piana collection is an elegant technological wardrobe for travel lovers
Italian luxury brand Loro Piana has thought about creating clothes for outdoor enthusiasts
Color-changing clothes: thermosetting fabric in action!
Do you want to know how clothes can change color? This is the magic of thermosetting fabric
The introduction of modern technologies, including artificial intelligence, to personalize the customer experience
With the development of technology and the advent of artificial intelligence, companies have received a powerful tool for more effective personalization of customer interaction
A new collection from Cos in the Japanese coloring technique
Cos has released a new summer capsule created using the Japanese shibori coloring technique
The Imakebags brand has introduced a new bag model
The crescent-shaped product is made in a trendy animalistic coloring
The world's first 3D printed wedding dress
Dutch designer Iris van Herpen has unveiled the world's first wedding dress created using a 3D printer
LOEWE corset creation technology for Met Gala 2024
The designer presented a corset created using 3D printing
Smart clothes, shoes and accessories: integrating technology and innovation into the fashion business
In 2024, new technologies and innovations have led to revolutionary changes in the field of smart clothing, shoes and accessories
Thermosetting bag for summer
We present to your attention the first thermosetting mini bag of its kind "The Vivid" from the Roarvale brand
A weightless bag with a handle
It is called: "A bag made of air" because it literally consists of 99% of it
Selleria technique in the Fendi spring collection
The Italian fashion house Fendi has presented a spring line made in the Sellari technique
SELA steps into the virtual world of Roblox!
Most recently, SELA launched its own game on the Roblox platform.