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04.04.2017 | Степан Максимов

The court found the bankruptcy application of the owner Carlo Pazolini justified

According to the message INTERFAX.RU , the Arbitration Court of Moscow on April 03 found justified the claim of ATB-bank about the bankruptcy of the founder and owner of the retailer Carlo Pazolini businessman Ilya Reznik. As the correspondent of "Interfax" reported from the court, the court decided to introduce a procedure for restructuring a citizen's debt against the debtor and approved him as a financial manager Lyubov Kireev.


The court decided to include Reznik's debt to the bank in the amount of 660.3 million rubles (debt and state duty) in the register of creditors of the businessman. A representative of ATB-Bank stated at the last meeting that the claim is based on a court decision that has entered into force on the debt of Reznik in the amount of $10.2 million as a guarantor for a loan issued by JSC "Anta Firm", which owns the rights to the trademarks under which it operates retailer Carlo Pazolini.


The bank asked the court to introduce a debt restructuring procedure against the businessman and include 660.2 million rubles in the register of creditors (the equivalent of the debt in rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the date of filing the application, according to a representative of ATB-bank). Reznik did not attend the meeting . The Arbitration Court of Moscow on August 2, 2016 found the application of Alfa-Bank on the bankruptcy of CJSC "Firm Anta" justified. The court then introduced a monitoring procedure against the company and approved it as a temporary manager Maya Yarovikova.


The court decided to include the company's debt to Alfa-Bank in the amount of 862.6 million rubles in the register of creditors of the debtor. The consideration of the bankruptcy case on the merits has been postponed until June 20. The Moscow Arbitration Court has scheduled for April 4, 2017 a preliminary hearing on the claim of Alfa-Bank on the joint recovery of debts in the amount of $11 million and 8.4 million euros under the agreement on the opening of a multi-currency credit line dated December 10, 2012.


The lawsuit is filed against the well-known shoe company Carlo Pazolini Trade ltd, LLP "Carlo Pasolini Participacion" and Carlo Pazolini (Switzerland) SA. The third party is CJSC "Anta Firm". As previously written "Vedomosti", Alfa-Bank is one of the largest creditors of the Carlo Pazolini network. The main borrower for all obligations of the retailer to Alfa-Bank is CJSC "Anta Firm". The founder and owner of the retailer Reznik personally vouched for the debts.


The amount of the retailer's debt to Alfa-Bank is about $50 million, however, according to Reznik, the debt is much less. At the same time, he admits that the company had all loans, including from Alfa-Bank, were foreign currency. A representative of Alfa-Bank confirmed to the newspaper that "problems with servicing Carlo Pazolini's debt arose due to currency fluctuations amid declining sales." Sberbank also has claims against the shoe seller: in April 2016, the bank warned of its intention to file a bankruptcy claim against CJSC "Anta Firm", according to data from SPARK-Interfax. A representative of Sberbank declined to comment.



At the end of 2015, Carlo Pazolini, with revenue of 7.3 billion rubles, ranked eighth in terms of turnover in the Russian footwear market, and fourth among Russian companies after Centrobuvi, Kari and Zenden, according to Euromonitor International. Currently, according to the Carlo Pazolini website, the retailer has more than 130 stores in Russia, there are also stores in Italy, Greece, the Czech Republic, Moldova, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and China. "All the data on the site is up-to-date, the company is working and developing," said Reznik.


The Carlo Pazolini brand was registered in Italy in 1990. The company with its head office in Moscow is engaged in the production and sale of shoes and accessories under its own trademarks Carlo Pazolini, Carlo Pazolini Couture and Adami.