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25.12.2017 | Наталья Кулагина

Awards of TM "Holofiber" have found their heroes

At the end of 2017, the company "strong>"Thermopol" (a leading domestic developer and manufacturer "Holofiber") noted the merits of industry specialists and a number of Russian companies for popularizing the latest technologies in the production and application of nonwovens.



Traditionally, the formation of a long-list takes place throughout the year. This year it included more than 100 applicants for individual awards and more than 200 for collective ones.


The final short-list was formed by the end of December and put to the vote. The decision on awarding was made based on the majority of votes of the members of the Expert Council;(chairman – Viktor Gontar, General Director of the company "Thermopol", member of the Board of the RSPTLP SOYUZLEGPROM).


Individual awards


  • Svetlana Ponomareva, Head of the exhibition Sport Casual Moscow, – «For the active promotion of innovative technologies in the domestic outdoor and casual directions»
  • Evgeny Kotov, Chairman of the SOYUZLEGPROm RSPTLP Committee for the Production of nonwovens and products made of them, For his participation in the preparation and implementation of new industry standards and classification of domestic nonwovens.
  • Vladislav Kopitsa, Founder and CEO of the Open Village project, –«For a unique intersectoral exhibition format that combined innovative technologies in construction, interior and landscape implementations of Open Village participants»
  • Oleg Ludwig Hegelsky, VESTIGATOR, –«For a series of extreme full-scale tests of special equipment made of highly effective synthetic materials and for the humanitarian project «School of Survival»
  • Artem Vasiliev, Deputy Editor-in-chief of the magazine "Furniture business", – «For a series of publications on the use of nonwovens in the modern furniture industry»
  • Vera Ivanova, Editor-in-chief of the Fashion magazine, For resonant information projects that actualize the advantages of synthetic innovations in the domestic fashion industry
  • Count Vladimir Viquious, fashion designer (France), "For unconventional concepts of the development of the fashion industry of the Russian Federation and the doctrine of self-identification in Russian design"
  • Dmitry Sovetnikov, Candidate of Technical Sciences, researcher and developer of a new type of clothing, For his dissertation research on insulated Arctic clothing for the FSB of Russia, revealing the unique properties of non-woven technologies.
  • Anastasia Zadorina, Chief Designer of ZASPORT, – «For the new creative Olympic equipment with innovative textile materials»
  • Sergey Gubarevich (Juwel Trigon 350 L), interior aquarist, – «For a series of youtube life hacks «Universal use of nonwoven Holofiber materials in aquariums»
  • Vladimir Bogdanov, BASK, – «For the active popularization of the introduction of synthetic insulation materials in Arctic clothing up to –800C, alternative to natural down ».

Collective awards

  • The company «Triumph» (St. Petersburg) – «For the military project «Arctic tent camps» and the active use of non-woven materials»
  • The company R&B House (Moscow) – «For the introduction of a unique technology «Solvent-free masonry» with the use of non-woven materials»
  • The company «Ecogrintek» (Bryansk region) – «For the introduction of hydroponic technology for growing food products based on non-woven materials "Holofiber"»
  • Project ICEIndigo (Moscow) – «For the development and implementation of innovative clothing for ultra-low temperatures (–110 C) with non-woven insulation»
  • The company «HVAC "BISON"» (Moscow) – «For a series of exhibitions «power sector » and promotion of the introduction of innovative materials in military and civilian products »
  • The SPNCommunications team (Moscow) – «For organizing and holding landmark industry expositions with the participation of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia and actively promoting innovative technologies in the domestic textile and light industry»
  • The company «ECO-TECH» (Moscow) – « For a comprehensive project using eco-friendly non-woven technologies for insulation of buildings made of glued beams in the Republic of Ingushetia»
  • The network of trampoline centers «Weightlessness» (Moscow – Kaluga – Nizhny Novgorod – Petrozavodsk – Kaluga – Voronezh) –«For loyalty to the traditions of quality and safety, improvement of sports technologies the use of non-woven materials "Holofiber SPORT MAT"»
  • The company Noel Concept (St. Petersburg) – «For the avant-garde approach to traditional technologies in the design of insulated clothing with Holofiber materials»
  • The company «Kalyaev» (Moscow) – «For the approach «Available technologies » and the winter jacket collection of Milton down jackets with insulation "Holofiber"»
  • The project P'lovefest (Odintsovo) – «For uniting the interests of participants in the textile market and conducting a musical open-air "Holofiber Acoustic"»;
  • The company «District» (Moscow) – «For new developments: winter outdoor suit «Tuvalyk» and children's insulated series with the use of Arctic materials "Holofiber"»;
  • Research Institute of Beekeeping (Ryazan region) For the development of effective heat-saving technologies and promotion of the introduction of innovative nonwovens in agricultural projects of modern Russia
  • Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "Ivanovo State Polytechnic University" (Ivanovo) – «For the consolidation of projects of the research and educational community in the program of technological cooperation with domestic nonwovens production»
  • International company Ernst & Young (Ernst & Young) – «For the preparation of the concept «Strategy for the development of the light industry of the Russian Federation until 2025 », reflecting promising interests and a significant role in the development of the non-woven industry ».


Congratulations to the 2017 laureates!