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23.11.2016 | Елена Смирнова

The "ISKI Russia" application has been launched

The creators of the innovative mobile application for skiers and snowboarders iSKI Russia », Hotel & Chalet Aurelio and the Russian design hotel «StandArd » presented a joint program in Moscow.

The application for skiers and snowboarders is already used by more than two and a half million people around the world. The idea of creating iSKI came to Christian Vonach, who, together with his team, introduced the application to the Russian market. Today it works for twenty countries of the world – leaders in the field of skiing.

At a press conference at the "StandArd" hotel, Russian users were presented with the "iSKI Russia" application with information about ski resorts in the territory of the Russian Federation. It is available for iPhones and android smartphones. The application not only provides detailed information about each ski resort in Russia, from the number of open slopes and lifts to live webcams, but also allows the user to track its maximum and average speed, the length of the slopes traversed and the height of the peaks taken. During the winter season, users actively record their tracks to win exclusive prizes from project partners.