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11.08.2017 | Степан Максимов

"School of retail chain and store owners"

Within the framework of the 15th exhibition BUYBRAND Expo the company EMTG will launch "School of owners of retail chains and stores".


According to the latest data, in 2014–2017, more than 70 retail chains left the Russian market, most of which belong to grocery or fashion retailers. For comparison, in the crisis years of 2008–2009, a total of 37 trading operators left the market.


Despite the market stagnation, the number of global chain stores (Inditex and H&M) in Russia is growing. Russian fashion retail players are showing a noticeable drop in store openings. Small multi-brand stores that are unable to provide their customers with a decent level of service are closing. Franchisees of branded clothing and footwear in the regions are experiencing noticeable difficulties.



By and large, we have witnessed a real battle of control systems: it is the presence of a high-quality system that is the lifeline of the company now. Realizing the urgent need to work in this direction, the company EMTG and the leading retail consulting agency will organize a School of retail chain and store Owners at the BUYBRAND Expo in the fall of 2017.



The two-day program «Schools» will reveal the laws of an effective management system that leads to an increase in financial indicators and an improvement in the quality of service. The ambitious goal of the organizers is to give each participant of the event the opportunity to feel the financial result of the knowledge gained already this season.


«The School of retail chain and store owners» will be held from September 27 to 28 at the «Expocenter» on Krasnaya Presnya.