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12.09.2023 | Roman Popov

The acceptance of applications for participation in the largest All-Russian competition “FASHION LEADERS” continues / FASHION LEADERS

The All-Russian competition of creative specialists of the fashion industry “FASHION LEADERS” / FASHION LEADERS continues to accept applications in more than 20 nominations. Applications are accepted on the website FASHIONLEADERS.RU .

The project “FASHION LEADERS” is unique in its scale. Students, graduates of specialized educational institutions, as well as professionals from various areas of the fashion industry from all over the country can take part in the competition. Thanks to the service of the cloud platform CONTEST.RF you can participate online by selecting the desired nomination and filling in all the necessary fields in detail. Acceptance of applications in the All-Russian competition of creative specialists of the fashion industry FASHION LEADERS will last until October 1, after which the expert jury will summarize the voting results. The finalists and winners of the competition will be presented on October 26 at the award ceremony, exhibition and fashion show at the All-Russian Museum of Decorative Art in Moscow.

This year, "FASHION LEADERS” are held in collaboration with the project “CULTURAL CODE.RF". In 10 nominations, participants can submit works on the theme of the cultural code of Russia.

In recent years, the competition has received a large coverage and recognition among the participants. The finalists will receive a prize fund of 1,000,000 rubles and the opportunity to complete internships in leading Russian fashion houses: CHAPURIN, VALENTIN YUDASHKIN, ALENA AKHMADULLINA, VICTORIA ANDRIYANOVA and many others. This will help the project participants to learn the world of fashion and the subtleties of the profession from the inside, as well as gain valuable experience working with well-known brands.

FASHION LEADERS is a comprehensive project with an internship program that allows you to identify a large number of talented specialists and form a talent pool in the fashion industry. Thus expanding the industry community across the country,” emphasizes the head of the projects “FASHION LEADERS” and “CULTURAL CODE.RF” Anton Alfer.

The All-Russian media platform project "CULTURAL CODE.Russian Federation" was implemented using a grant provided by the Russian Cultural Foundation LLC within the framework of the federal project "Creative People" of the national project "Culture".

Federal competition "CULTURAL CODE.The Russian Federation" is aimed at finding new creative ideas in the field of works of art, art objects and objects of fine art inspired by the domestic cultural code.

Creative professionals are invited to participate: artists, fashion designers, illustrators, textile artists, university students and school students specializing in art, fashion, design and others.

You can apply for participation on the official website of the contest cultural code.rf

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