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11.10.2017 | Степан Максимов

The acceptance of applications for the "TOP-10" contest continues

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia announces the continuation of accepting applications for the federal industry professional competition aimed at identifying the best samples of light industry products,"TOP-10 2017"..


The competition is held in the framework of promoting the strategic development of Russian light industry enterprises for the production of competitive products.


Applications for the competition are open from October 5 to November 6, 2017. The winners of the competition from the list of nominees selected based on the results of the preliminary selection of goods (products) will be determined in the period from November 7 to November 20, 2017.


The competition is held among the following product groups: homewear, outerwear, dress and blouse clothing, handkerchief and scarf products, glove products, hats.


The following nominations are announced: "Pajamas", "Housecoat", "Sports suit", "Women's dress", "Men's suit", "laquo;Men's shirts», «Women's blouses», «Handkerchief and scarf products», «Glove products», «Hats».



Among the evaluation criteria for the products submitted to the competition: compliance with the declared quality standards; functionality (compliance of the model with the purpose of the product, age and appearance of the consumer, dimensional characteristics); aesthetic indicators (stylistic expressiveness of models, that is, conformity of the product to fashion in silhouette, proportions, shape of details, color, basic and finishing materials); hygienic indicators (compliance of the design and materials of the garment with sanitary and hygienic requirements and recommendations, environmental friendliness); operational indicators (resistance of materials to physical and mechanical influences, wear resistance, the possibility of using dry cleaning, washing, ironing); geography of product sales; price/quality ratio.


The rules for submitting applications and the composition of documentation are published on the website .


The award ceremony will be held within the framework of the IV All-Russian Forum of Light Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia in December 2017.