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16.03.2018 | Лидия Соколова

How to create a successful business?

The project I1Lab, as part of the preparation of the business discussion «Ecosystem of the global fashion business»,  conducts a sociological survey, allowing to find out how light industry manufacturers see the market. Simultaneously with the survey of callers, a consumer survey takes place.Fashion brand through the eyes of the buyer.


A comparative analysis of the data obtained as a result of two independent surveys of buyers and manufacturers will reveal discrepancies between the needs of the buyer and the manufacturer's offer and will indicate the growth potential of the Russian fashion market, to whichI1Lab will be able to offer optimization tools.


In order to help manufacturers better understand the buyer, answer the questions of a short questionnaire.


How to create a successful business based on a brand?

The survey data will be presented atRussian Textile and Light Industry Week March 21, 2018. The result of the survey will be posted in the final materials on the website Russian Textile and Light Industry Week. Based on the results of the survey, an analytical article will be prepared for the Fashion magazin platform.



The quality of the conducted research depends on everyone's participation. The survey is anonymous, but those who wish will be able to introduce themselves. All results will be used exclusively for scientific and practical purposes.


Photo: I1Lab