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05.03.2019 | Лидия Соколова

Business program Russia. Modest Fashion Week at the Kosygin Russian State University

Once again Russia. Modest Fashion Week presented a business program for designers who create their collections in the format of modest. For the success of their collections, the designer must go through a difficult path. And this is not only the development and creation of the collection itself. This is followed by issues of finance, accounting, and protection of intellectual property.Presented by Russia. Modest Fashion Week the business program aims to help designers get working tools for business development aimed at solving real problems promptly.  And this is especially true for designers of a new, but already attracting attention, direction – modest fashion.



The event was held on February 28 at the media center at the Kosygin Russian State University. At the beginning of the discussion, for the first time in Russia, an agreement was signed between Kosygin Russian State University and the organizers of Russia.Modest Fashion Week to provide systematic support for Russian designers of decent fashion. There is confidence that the consolidation of the efforts of these structures will increase the competitiveness of Russian brands operating in the modest market both in Russia and in international markets.


Within the framework of the next business evening, the following topics were considered:

  • Modest Fashion. Prospects and opportunities for designers.
  • International markets. What requirements do international buyers have for Russian designers?
  • Brand formation.
  • Accounting, Production, Sales, who should manage it and how.
  • How to organize sales effectively.
  • Where to find finance for a Fashion project.

At the request of the designers, the business program was broadcast online after the event, and at the end of it is available for viewing on the official Youtube channel Russia. Modest Fashion Week.


The program was moderated by Yulia Bevzenko, a Russian expert of the lux segment, CEO of All about luxe and Alexando Bogza, one of their founders of Russia. Modest Fashion Week.

The speakers were:

  • Amina Shabanova, founder and designer of the Irada brand
  • Kanykey Batyrova, Head of the representative office of the Union of Muslim Designers of the World in the CIS countries.
  • Jannat Mingazova, blogger, public figure, Kazan
  • Damian Fonkovskaya, founder of the on-line magazine about decent fashion ALMAZE, France
  • Natalia Kaptur, designer of the brand Jana Segetti, St. Petersburg
  • Rustam Kashapov, CEO of a multi-brand store , Kazan
  • Vera Ivanova, Editor-in-chief of the multi-channel b2b fashion platform "Fashion magazin", JSC "Arguments and Facts"
  • Inna Baklykova, representative of the Resource Center
  • Maria Azovtseva Head of the branding agency BOBOinParadise, St. Petersburg
  • Galina Mikhailova, representative of the investment company"Vaytern Capital"

The topics revealed by the speakers turned out to be in great demand by designers and, instead of the planned 2.5 hours, the event lasted more than 4 hours. The broadcast was watched by more than 250 people. After the event, the designers received a significant amount of feedback and positive feedback with a request to continue such events with an emphasis for modest designers. In the near future on the official website of Russia. Modest Fashion Weekwill present a schedule of business events for designers of decent fashion.


Photo: Russia. Modest Fashion Week