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AVERI - a brand founded by Tatiana Averina, became one of the first domestic designer brands focused on clothing for women in the PLUS SIZE segment, fully developed and sewn in Russia.



Back in 2003, Tatiana Averina, having worked enough in leading domestic sewing companies as a chief artist, decided to open her own business - "For many years, accumulating experience at each of the professional stages, I moved forward from tailor to curator of production. And now, when the logical step on this path was the creation of my own company, I, having embodied all my love and experience in it, proudly gave it my name as my continuation.»



To date, AVERI's products could be divided into several segments: urban clothing, office clothing, leisure clothing, smart clothes. The size grid is 50-68. Collections are formed as a sum of capsules, within which products are combined with each other according to the wardrobe principle. This greatly facilitates the task of our wholesale customers, and provides a field for the customers of retail stores to create their own unique image.