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Since 1984, the Spanish brand Bóboli has been creating fashion collections for toddlers and teenagers for all occasions. In 1990, the brand took one of the leading positions in the children's fashion industry. Today, the company supplies goods to 50 countries around the world.
Bóboli brand on the Fashion magazin platform
Some of the best offers of the online store
The age gradation in the brand's lines allows you to buy children's clothing wholesale for a child from 0 to 16 years old. The company's catalog includes seasonal products for:
  • newborns; 
  • preschoolers;
  • teenagers.
Buyers have long appreciated the original cut and quality of things «Boboli » and are looking forward to new fashion collections. Twice a year, the brand offers new models, among which it is worth highlighting the following:
  1. Girls – dresses, leggings, cardigans, fur coats, quilted vests, parkas;
  2. Boys have different styles of shirts, bombers, trousers, longsleeves, jackets, suits;
  3. Babies – knitted and cotton sets, bodysuits, sliders, envelopes, windproof overalls;
  4. For the beach – shorts, swimwear, hats.
Bóboli brand on the Fashion magazin platform
Children's clothing Bóboli is made of breathable fabrics with monochrome designs and bright prints. A large selection helps to buy young fashionistas and dandies stylish things for everyday wear, parties and celebrations. Multidimensional color solutions allow you to compose individual items according to your mood, creating new images each time.
The platform «Fashion magazin» offers to purchase children's clothing of various brands with delivery in Moscow. In other regions, the order will be serviced by a logistics company. With things from you will replenish the assortment of the showroom and attract new customers.