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Brand philosophy


The founder of the company Olga Kondratyuk formulates the key idea of the brand as a high level of design and quality, independent of the price segment
CONDRA DELUXE goes its own way and unlike many domestic designers,
does not strive for premium, but confidently occupies a niche of the Belarusian mass market; demonstrates its business concept of a favorable price for current clothing. At the same time, each model is made in small batches, which indicates a certain uniqueness of the things produced. It is possible to achieve such a result thanks to the clear work of the company's specialists and well-established business processes.


Despite the priority of democracy, each product is distinguished by scrupulousness and filigree execution, which gives a positive response from customers. Industry professionals also positively evaluate the work of the team. The proof of this was two prestigious gold medals of the National Competition "Brand of the Year" in the nomination "Women's business suit" and "The most creative brand of the country", as well as a platinum medal of the program "500 successful companies" of the Russian Business Register.



Large size clothing

It's no secret that there is a huge demand for fashionable clothes above size L, but many sewing companies deliberately ignore it. This is primarily due to the need to develop unconventional design solutions, the construction of specific patterns (complete figures have many types!) and additional production costs, which leads to an increase in the cost of the finished product. CONDRA DELUXE managed to reconcile commerce and the design solution to the problem of corpulent women. Every season there are capsules of non-standard sizes in the assortment, which can be purchased on favorable terms. It is important that all models of an unusual size grid correspond to acute global trends, have a perfect cut and differ in a variety of styles and prints. As a result, the painful search turns into a pleasant difficulty of choice.

About trends

Dictate in fashion is the prerogative of large fashion houses with a rich history and traditions. All other brands only process and adapt bright directions taking into account the needs of their audience and the mental characteristics of the market. In modern conditions, it is often not design that comes to the fore, but stylization, the principle of mix & match. Isn't this the designer's talent to creatively rethink existing ideas and present them fresh?


CONDRA DELUXE also "plays by the rules" of the global fashion industry. As a representative of the mass market, the brand offers customers several lines of an understandable wardrobe, carefully quoting the main trends, taking into account their further application outside the catwalk. In addition to the universal everyday group, representative outfits for special occasions are widely presented. Erased age boundaries in fashion contribute to the fact that, preparing for such solemn events as a prom or a wedding, both the young heroine of the evening and, for example, her mother will be able to choose the right image. And cooperation with proven European and Asian suppliers of fabrics allows us to offer customers a high-quality variety of textures and colors.

Design lab

A feature of the creative process when creating collections is the teamwork of several designers. This format creates the most free microclimate and indicates a high degree of trust in the team.

The position of the leading artist of CONDRA is currently vacant. Cooperation with an experienced designer or collaboration with a professional who has his own design bureau can be very productive. The main requirement for the applicant is an individual aesthetic, consonant with the creative approach of the company.