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Bella Kareema– simplicity and elegance


The brand Bella Kareema offers not clothes, but a new attitude to life, embodying style, refined taste and the best quality for elegant and sophisticated women.


Bella Kareema brand on the Fashion magazin platform


The company was founded in Kazan in 2012 and began the development of the format with a design studio studio. From the first collections Bella Kareema demonstrated a special progressive view of modern Muslim fashion. And it is this careful and respectful attitude that has become the basis for the brand's own style. The founders of the brand managed not only to make beautiful clothes, but also to convey to a wide range of consumers the harmony of the elegance of Europe with the traditions of the East.


The new face of Bella Kareema


In 2014, the brand was reorganized. The initiator of the changes was the managing partner of Galina Troshina. Changes in the company's work have increased its economic potential, which has led to the active growth of the project. A design bureau was formed and a flagship store was opened in Moscow.


Today, the collections of the brand «Bella Karima» are very popular not only with national wholesale clothing buyers, but also with the founders of modest clothing stores for a variety of faiths. An interesting cut, a wide range of models, harmonious combinations of accessories and interesting details attract the attention of end customers and ensure good sales. The brand enjoys well-deserved popularity in different countries of the world, takes an active part in international projects promoting modest fashion.


Bella Kareema brand on the Fashion magazin platform
The Bella Kareema brand does not just form a modern urban Muslim style, it shows the true beauty of a modern woman, an exquisite and energetic intellectual with refined taste.


The products are designed for the widest consumer audience.