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BIG STAR– casual style clothing for independent youth


Since 1979,jeans, shirts and jackets under the sign of the big white STAR BIG STARhave been pleasing wholesale and retail customers with a high quality guarantee and a design in the spirit of the most current fashion trends.


A guy and a girl are sitting next to each other in BIG STAR Limited clothes


Main products BIG STAR – jeans. However, the manufacturer is actively replenishing its collection with other things.Today, in addition to classic jeans, models with high and standard fit, slim and push-up, the brand's assortment includes men's and women's shirts, jackets, sweaters, hoodies and T-shirts, dresses, as well as shoes, including sneakers,accessories and hats.


BIG STAR jeans as an element of culture


For designersBIG STARwork is a passion, clothing is art, and jeans are an element of culture. This approach allows BIG STAR limited to justify the trust of buyers for more than 40 years. The brand's clothing is successfully sold in 180 stores in Poland and in 60 points of sale in Europe and Asia. They are known and loved in Moscow and other Russian cities. The geography of sales is constantly expanding.


BIG STAR values his team. The company's management believes that only those who are confident in the future can produce products that meet the expectations of each generation of customers. Modern and thoughtful models, high-quality materials and accessories, the optimal price-quality ratio, as well as a large assortment will allow all your customers to find something truly their own in the collections of BIG STAR;. 


BIG STAR Limited Company Building


High quality, attractive accessories and details are an essential attribute of all collections of BIG STAR.