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06.11.2018 | Юлия Ригби

Seductive luxury at the forum in Latvia

At the end of October, the Fourth Forum of lingerie manufacturers in Latvia (Lingerie Industry Forum) was held. The forum is organized by the Latvian Development Agency (LIAA) in cooperation with The Association of Linen Manufacturers of Latvia (LATVERA) and the city authorities of the city of Liepaja, who hosted guests and participants Forum.



From 25 to 26 October collections of leading firms and factories of this Baltic state were shown, discussions and meetings of manufacturers with retail representatives took place. Interest in the rich and high-quality range of underwear produced in Latvia is consistently high in many countries of the world. In addition to the traditions of underwear production, the buyer has always been attracted by the excellent quality of products, luxurious design and Latvian zest in the style of – where extravagance does not look vulgar, and relevance does not overshadow rationality and comfort.



On the first day of the shows, many exquisite fashion samples of future seasons were presented on the catwalk, including bras and bralettes, negligees and thongs with thongs. I was impressed by the work of designers and seamstresses of the brands Glora, Rosme, La Qoquette.

The production of underwear is the main and fastest growing segment of the textile industry in our country and we are extremely pleased to note the fact that all accessories and fabrics more than ever meet high international standards and cause serious international interest.

Andris Ozols, Director of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia.


On The Forum attracted more than 90 representatives from all over the world: Israel and the United Kingdom, Germany and Russia, Italy and the Arab Emirates, Ukraine and Finland. The guests were shown collections of underwear by one hundred manufacturers and brands of Latvia. Professor from Great Britain's Gillian Proctor in her lecture and presentation focused on the evolution of underwear and its trends.


Photo: LIAA Forum organizers.