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11.01.2017 | Елена Смирнова

Forum for the development of the capital of fashion and Creativity

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From November 18 to 20, Ulanchab hosted an international forum on the development of the fashionable and creative capital of Ulanchab.


The event was supported by the Government of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the People's Government of the City, the Beijing Yabaolu International Chamber of Commerce, the Communist Party of China and other organizations. The forum was attended by more than 700 representatives of international purchasing companies from Russia, Mongolia, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey, Kazakhstan and other countries, as well as more than 700 representatives of distribution companies from all over China.



During the lively discussion, the prospects for the development of the city as part of the key project for the development of China's regions "One Belt, One Road" were discussed. The possibilities of the leather industry of the district, which has a serious raw material base, are also considered. The questions concerning international trade and RFID technologies, asked by entrepreneurs and understood by the regional authorities, were not ignored.


The business program of the forum was full of various events, including fashion shows of Chinese fashion designers, training seminars on the specifics of working in the Chinese and international markets, a large-scale trade fair and an international fashion Competition.


The Forum marked the continuity of the Beijing Yabaolu market in Ulanchab and became a symbol of the beginning of a new era in China's foreign trade. This project promotes cooperation and mutual assistance between Beijing and Inner Mongolia, the connection of the two regions, opens up opportunities to attract investment to the region, which provides its rich natural resources for this.

In fact, several interesting regional development projects are being implemented in China. Closer to the south of the country, they grow their own tulip park, as in the Dutch Keukenhof. These projects are somewhat similar. Looking at the development of the province, at the plans to build a fashion and creativity center, assessing the volume of investments, you realize that soon there will be an international airport, a high-speed railway, and a huge factory for the production of fur products. The city, located at the crossroads of trade routes, will embody another Chinese dream and will provide a large number of jobs for the local population.


And in the spring it will be incredibly beautiful here, when the steppe blooms … When the streams ring and the birds sing, which, in fact, did not want to be silent in the cool November. I really want to come back here in a few years and see the wide and convenient avenues, beautiful parks and gardens again. To see how new beautiful houses will find their inhabitants. How children will go to new schools and play sports in a modern stadium. With all the criticism of China's economic model, one cannot but agree that the "Chinese miracle" happened for a reason.


Author: Tamara Protasova