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03.10.2017 | Степан Максимов

Forum about cosmetic brand building in the framework of InterCHARM 2017

On October 25–on October 26, a Business forum «How to create a beauty brand» will be held in Moscow as part of the International Exhibition of Cosmetics and Perfumes InterCHARM The first and only Russian forum on perfume and cosmetic brand building, where marketing professionals in the beauty industry will talk about the creation and promotion of beauty brands on the Russian market using real examples.



The event will consider marketing strategies in the perfumery and cosmetics market, which concern the founders, managers and marketers of cosmetic companies, specialists in bringing cosmetic brands to the market.


The program is designed in such a way that forum participants have the opportunity to hear the most interesting speeches, get unique and in-depth content aimed at practical application as much as possible.


The forum is divided into four three-hour sessions, each of which is dedicated to a specific segment: mass market, perfumes, luxury and premium, natural cosmetics and halal.


Session 1. Brand building in the beauty industry. New tools of the digital era

  • Trends in the beauty market 2020. Cosmetics consumers in the digital age. Millennials – who are they?
  • Positioning, product value creation and storytelling;
  • Omnichannel. Formats of cosmetic stores of the future;
  • WOW effect: a way to create excitement around the brand;
  • Sampling services as a marketing tool. The value of beauty box as an advertising channel.

Session 2.Perfume brand

  • Portrait of a perfume buyer;
  • Fragrance positioning strategy: niche, mass market or luxury;
  • Marketing in perfume retail. Case of perfume fragrance output. Foreign cases and Russian realities. French experience of perfume promotion.

Session 3.Premium and luxury cosmetics brand

  • Premium product branding strategies;
  • The symbiosis of naturalness in the suite;
  • Co-marketing: implementation tools;
  • Showcase and shelf of a luxury product: the truth is in the details.

Session 4.Brand of natural, eco-, bio- and halal cosmetics

  • Global trends in halal cosmetics: luxury or necessity?
  • Buyers of green cosmetics in different segments – millennials generation;
  • The withdrawal of the Russian brand of natural cosmetics abroad: problems and prospects.