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21.12.2018 | Альбина Весина

Results of the work of the light industry: January-November 2018

The domestic light industry summarizes the results of work for January-November of this year. In general, the index of production in the textile sub-sector for the reporting period, compared to the same period last year, increased by 3.6%.


The results of the work of the light industry: January-November 2018


In the textile sub-sector, the volume of production of knitted fabrics increased by 8.3%, cotton fabrics by 5.4%, linen fabrics by 5.8%, fabrics made of synthetic fibers and threads by 4.2%, gauze by 8.9%, bed linen by 9.2%, by 13.6% of narrow fabrics, by 9.3% of artificial fibers. At the same time, the total production of fabrics decreased by 2.2%, including silk threads by 23.3%, woolen threads by 16.5%, nonwovens by 5.3%, blankets by 4.9%, carpetsby 6.8%,synthetic fibers by 0.3%.


In the garment sub-sector, the production index increased by 4.8% compared to the same period last year. Enterprises of this sub-sector have increased production: men's suits and jackets – by 22.6%, women's sets and suits – by 5.5%, women's coats and half-coats – by 12.7%, women's trousers – by 5.6%, tracksuits – by 19.3%. At the same time, production decreased: men's trousers – by 4.5%, men's shirts – by 7.9%, clothes for children – by 10.4%, hosiery products – by 10.3%.


The results of the work of the light industry: January-November 2018


In the leather sub-sector, the production index for the reporting period decreased by 3.8%. The production of tanned skins increased by 13.8%, and shoes by 0.2%. However, the production of suitcases and handbags for ladies fell by 35.6%, and leather from non-target skins fell by 15.9%.


Consumer price indices for the industry's products increased as follows: for fabrics by 3.5%, clothing and underwear by 2.9%, knitwear by 3.1%, shoes by 3.9%.


The average monthly salary of industry workers in November of this year in the sectors amounted to: textile production 24,879 rubles. (an increase of 9.2% compared to the same period last year), clothing production - 20,305 rubles. (an increase of 12%), the production of leather and leather products – 22,667 rubles. (an increase of 10.9%).


Source: Soyuzlegprom

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