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29.11.2017 | Альбина Весина

Light industry: "Growing up!"

At the light Industry forum, the Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia, Denis Manturov, announced the growth of light industry production in 2017.


"According to the results of 10 months of this year, we see good results in the main segments of the light industry. We added 7.6% in textile production, 3.7% in leather and footwear, and 2.3% in the garment sector," Mr. Manturov said. He also noted that, thanks to the modernization of a number of industries in the industry, along with the growth of production volume, the quality of products is also growing.


"Thanks to state support, business is intensively unwinding the flywheel of technological re-equipment. We could see how big the request for updates is by how much the program of preferential equipment leasing for light industry enterprises is in demand.

Denis Manturov,Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia

In addition, according to the Minister, next year the Ministry of Industry and Trade will maintain the volume of financing of light industry enterprises in the amount of 3 billion rubles. Mr. Manturov stressed that enterprises also have the opportunity to attract preferential financing, in particular, to use the industrial development fund.