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27.02.2018 | Лидия Соколова

Natalia Chinenova's webinar at Tekstillegprom

The exhibition company «RLP-Fair» on the eve of the 5th Federal Fair «Tekstillegprom» traditionally holds a webinar Natalia Chinenova, dedicated to topical issues – principles of building effective wholesale sales and retail sales technologies in the conditions of the modern market.


Natalia Chinenova Chief consultant on business technologies in retail, leading expert in franchising and distribution (wholesale and retail), visual merchandising Fashion Consulting Group.


The webinar will be held on March 2, 2018 online at 12:00 Moscow time and will be available for viewing on the channel of the fair "Tekstillegprom" on YouTube.



The first part of the webinar will be devoted to wholesale sales. The volume of the Russian wholesale market is more than 1.3 trillion rubles. Nevertheless, the turnover of most Russian trade and manufacturing companies is falling, the base of sleeping buyers is increasing, and the wholesale margin is steadily decreasing. What is the problem? The participants of the webinar will find out the answer to this question.


The second part of the webinar will address issues related to changes in sales technologies. What has changed in consumer behavior? How to increase sales in the new realities of our time, using sales personalization and omnichannel? How to make your retail store break even? What does the term "personalization of sales" mean and what tools will help keep up with the times? This will be discussed at the webinar.


Also master classes Natalia Chinenova «Principles of building effective Wholesale sales » and «Changes in sales technologies. The economy of a retail store in the conditions of the modern market will take place at the 50th Federal Wholesale Fair of Textile and Light Industry Goods and Equipment «Textile Industry»  21 and 22 March 2018.


Photo: shutterstock