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20.04.2018 | Альбина Весина

Master classes from Italian fashion experts

We are pleased to announce the continuation of the cycle of Italian training practical workshops for designers, manufacturers of shoes and leather goods and students of specialized institutions.



The second block of master classes from Italian specialists will consist of two training master classes:

  1.  Master class Fabrizio Mandolesi, representing the shoe brand Fauzian Jeunesse. Fabrizio Mandolesi is a hereditary shoemaker. His father, Vittorio, is a master of shoe making, has been an authority in this field of activity in his region since 1970. The brand Fauzian Jeunesse produces high-quality men's and women's shoes, strictly Made in Italy, and is the standard of quality, creativity and aesthetic provocation.The choice of the best skin types of the highest quality, completely handmade, the use of sophisticated techniques makes the product unique in its kind: unusual coloristics and vintage elegant and sporty style.The brand Fauzian Jeunesse is represented in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Denmark and America.During the master class, Signor Mandolesi will sew a pair of women's shoes.

  1. Master class byRaffaele Trischani, representing the leather industrySolution Skina company that has been working in the field of natural leather dressing for more than 15 years;carefully selects raw materials, its origin and type of processing, based on the needs of stylists and customers, to create products in various areas of the fashion industry: shoes, clothes, accessories; for many years has been supplying raw materials for brands such as Hugo-Boss, Gucci, Fabiani, and  also for small shoe industries such as nbsp;Fauzian Jeunesse;never demonstrates his work to the general public, as the process must be classified.

Time of the event: April 23, beginning at 11:00.

Venue: 61 Polyustrovsky Ave., Unified Center of Entrepreneurship, room 117.


Participation is free, providedmandatory registration.


< span style="font-size: 12px;">News and photo source: «Center for Development and Support of Entrepreneurship»