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22.01.2019 | Альбина Весина

Master class from Kunjut Textile&Design

February 20 in the framework of the 52nd Federal Fair"Tekstillegprom"Yana Zinova, PR Director of Kunjut Textile&Design, will conduct a master class "Author's fabric: prints, trends, technologies".
Yana Zinova, PR Director of Kunjut Textile&Design
The company Kunjut Textile&Design, which includes a fabric printing factory, a sewing production and a design studio, will share information about textile design, prints and patterns, promising trends, inspiration and details about modern technologies for transferring images to fabric. The master class is aimed at giving students applied knowledge that will help them go from an idea to the fabric of a dream easily and fascinatingly.
Master class from Kunjut Textile&Design
Master class program
  • Fabric with the author's pattern: five steps to the fabric of dreams.
  • Textile design: basic terms, inspiration, trends, exhibitions.
  • Digital printing on fabric: limitless possibilities.
  • Range of fabrics: features in printing and tailoring.
  • Working with the layout: what is needed to achieve the perfect result? 
  • Relations with production: fundamentals of mutual understanding.
The master class will be useful for clothing and interior designers, illustrators, graphic designers, textile artists, fashion brands, everyone who works with fabrics, students of specialized universities and faculties.
Master class from Kunjut Textile&Design
Venue: Moscow, VDNH, PavilionNo.75,Free Space.
Time: February 20, 2019, 12:00 p.m. 13:00.
Admission to the event is free. 
We invite you to visit the 52nd Federal Wholesale Fair of Textile and Light Industry Goods and Equipment «Tekstillegprom», which will be held on February 19–22, 2019. Within Communication platforms will host educational cycles on trends in women's fashion and textile design of the season "spring-summer 2020", wholesale and retail sales technologies and computer technologies. More than 30 events will be held at the Free Space platform on current topics of the modern fashion market with the invitation of competent speakers.
Photos provided by Kunjut Textile&Design.