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05.06.2017 | Степан Максимов

Master class "How to kindle a desire to work in store employees"

Trainer and expert practitioner in the field of training product development Elena Zhdanova will give a master class "How to kindle the desire to work in the store's employees" at the All-Russian practical conference «Store Management-2017», which will be held on June 21-23 in Moscow.

In the program of the master class:

  • theories of motivation (coercion, stimulation, manipulation, motivation);
  • F. Herzberg's model: stabilizer factors and motivator factors;
  • conscious and unconscious motives;
  • external and internal motivation;
  • material and non-material ways of motivating subordinates;
  • ways to find out the current motivational situation of their subordinates;
  • indicators of different types of motivation;
  • determination of motivation of current employees;
  • tools for creating motivational conversations.

Following the results of the master class, you will gain knowledge about one of the productive tools for determining the motivational factors of personnel, learn how to apply it in practice, be able to make accurate forecasts by building a hypothetical career of people, and then comparing them with real facts.

Conference «Store Management» This is an annual training event for owners and directors of small and medium-sized stores, as well as small retail chains. 

Leading Russian experts in the field of retail trade will make presentations and master classes and tell the conference participants about all aspects of managing a modern retail enterprise. Timur Aslanov, Oleg Braginsky, Sergey Leonov, Albert Tyutin, Artur Salyakaev, Dmitry Tkachenko, Sergey Dubovik and others will speak at the conference.

In addition to the reports, the conference participants will also enjoy active professional communication, exchange of experience and a large number of new useful acquaintances during the networking session.