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12.03.2018 | Альбина Весина

Master classes at the "Light Industry Week-2018"

On March 22, as part of the business program «Light Industry Week-2018», master classes for professional participants of the event will be held at the Expocentre Fairgrounds.


March 22, 13:00–14:00, master class «How to create a fabric that no one else has?»


The participants of the master class will gain knowledge that can be applied in practice to go from a sketch to the fabric of their dreams quickly and painlessly. The master class consists of two blocks: the first part is devoted to textile design, and the second examines the technology of transferring the pattern to the fabric, the nuances of working with fabrics and color rendering. Participants will learn how to determine the type of printing most suitable for their tasks and materials, work correctly with layouts, color tests and build fruitful relationships with production.


The master class will be useful for clothing and interior designers, graphic designers, textile artists, fashion brands, everyone who works with fabrics, students of specialized universities and faculties.


Master Class program:

  • I want a fabric with my own pattern. What's next? Five steps to the fabric of a dream. 
  • Textile design: basic terms, inspiration, trends, exhibitions
  • What type of printing should I choose? A true comparison of all types of printing. 
  • About color rendering without illusions. Valuable tips. 
  • Author's fabric for a collection of clothes or accessories: cut, coupons, full seal. 
  • Raster, vector, photo print – nuances when printing. 
  • Range of fabrics: features in printing and tailoring
  • Relations with production: the basics of mutual understanding

The master class will take place within the framework of the PRACTICAL BLOCK ON RAW MATERIALS AND FABRICSOpportunities for printing and processing fabrics in Russia. Solutions for fast fashion. Suppliers of raw materials and new developments.


Venue: Business Hall No. 2 (Pavilion No. 3, Expocentre Fairgrounds on Krasnaya Presnya).

Organizer:fabric printing factory and Kunjut T&D design Studio.

Speakers: Maria Odinikova Founder and Director of Kunjut T&D; Yana Zinova – PR Director of Kunjut T&D.


March 22, 15:30–17:30, workshop "Using COMTENSE CAD in sequential automation to increase production efficiency"


The organizer of the workshop – LLC «KOMTENS»   a leading domestic manufacturer of software and equipment for automating the design and technological preparation of sewing and knitting production, means of computer-aided design (CAD) patterns and layouts of sewing and knitting production.

COMTENSE CAD is widely used in individual and serial sewing (knitting) production, and is also effectively used in the production of upholstered furniture, toys, car seats, leather goods.



Abstracts of the speech:

  • advantages of the COMTENSE CAD system in the construction, modeling and gradation of patterns, features of tasks for layout and layout construction, additional software products for more efficient use of the system (speaker Tatiana Galitskaya);
  • automated module «Technology», designed for the work of technologists, calculation of time and cost costs for the production of products, planning and loading of workplaces, giving flexibility and speeding up the process of technological pre-production of any assortment (speaker – Olga Ivanova);                                                                                                                                                                   
  • secrets of production management in real time, the process of distributing tasks to seamstresses, process control and results(speaker Alexander Malyugin);
  • overview of peripheral devices (plotters, digitizers, ANRCS) supplied by KOMTENS LLC, with an emphasis on warranty and service (speaker Vasily Naumovich).

Venue: Hall No. 2 «Business» (Pavilion No. 3, Expocentre Fairgrounds »on Krasnaya Presnya).

Organizer: LLC «KOMTENS».

Speakers: Tatiana Galitskaya  chief designer of COMTENSE CAD, training designer, experience in COMTENSE CAD for 12 years; Olga Ivanova – COMTENSE CAD designer-technologist, training designer-technologist, work experience in COMTENSE CAD   3 years; Vasily Naumovich – Chief engineer, Head of technical service; Alexander Malyugin is the owner and CEO of Malyugin Manufactory LLC, a COMTENSE CAD user for more than 20 years.