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20.10.2016 | Лидия Соколова

Activities to increase traffic in the mall

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How to attract a spoiled buyer to a shopping and entertainment center? Offer him a chance to win an expensive foreign car or invite him to a performance of a popular band? The growing competition and the difficult economic situation are now more than ever stimulating the creativity of marketers and event organizers. How to get high customer traffic, increase conversion and at the same time save the budget of the shopping center is a question that is becoming more relevant every day. 


At any time of the year, shopping and entertainment centers need to organize such events that encourage customers to make more purchases, and also those that motivate visitors to spend more time in the shopping center, come with whole families for the whole day. If the shopping center provides weekly activities for children, contests, training workshops, then buyers who have children are more likely to attend it regularly. Coming to the shopping center with a child, parents will at least visit the food court, and ideally they will shop along the way and buy food for the family for a week.


On the territory adjacent to the shopping center, it is possible to hold festivals and exhibitions, organize performances of artists. If food and drinks are not sold at these events, then at least the tenants of the food court will have an increase in revenue on this day.


For example, in the Moscow shopping center "Gagarinsky" every Saturday there are holidays for children. A master class, a performance, a dance lesson or a performance by circus performers – fun awaits young visitors, and their parents – shopping center stores.


High customer traffic in the shopping and entertainment center generates spectacular events, bright performances, when the organizer invites stars, artists, popular groups. It is not necessary that the audience will make any purchases, but it is the very number of people who visited the mall on this day that will certainly be more than on other days. And the conversion rate is increased by those events in which a person can get something. They encourage the visitor to make purchases in excess of a certain amount and get any bonuses for it.


The most common example is when a customer is given a form at the store's cash desk to fill it with a certain number of stickers, which he receives for a set amount of the check. After filling out the entire form with stickers, the buyer can exchange it for a prize or purchase a product with a significant discount. If during the promotion an employee of the store hall or a cashier tells the buyer what needs to be done so that the purchase turns out to be a little more than he has already planned, almost always the buyer is ready to spend some more money to get a coupon for a discount or participation in a prize draw. A simple rule works: if you want to increase the conversion rate, increase the amount of the receipt, if you want to increase traffic, reduce it.

Author: Olga Shtoda,

managing Director of BlackStone Keeping Company