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15.04.2019 | Альбина Весина

A new shopping mall will appear in Moscow

The international consulting company in the field of real estate CBRE has been appointed as an exclusive consultant for the rental of the shopping and entertainment center "Botany Mall", located in the North-Eastern Administrative District of Moscow, on Wilhelm Peak Street, directly at MCC stations «Botanical Garden». The developer of this complex is GC «Pioneer», one of the largest developers in Moscow and St. Petersburg.


Shopping and entertainment center


Shopping and entertainment center «Botany Mall» with a total area of 51,578 sq. m (GLA  25,578 sq. m) has a favorable location in one of the greenest corners of the capital, next to the new residential quarter «LIFE-Botanical Garden». The project provides access to the retail space of the Botany Mall from the metro stations and the MCC, which is an undeniable plus for the tenants of the complex. Another advantage of the shopping center "Botany Mall" is its location on the border of two densely populated areas with a high density of development "Sviblovo and Rostokino. Several residential and business complexes with a total area of more than 25 hectares are being built in the immediate vicinity of the shopping center.


Comments Yuri Kogan, Marketing Director of GC «Pioneer»: «During the construction of the mall «Botany Mall » we have fully taken into account the rich international experience of integrating trade facilities into transport infrastructure. Nodal points at the intersection of roads and busy transport routes have always become a center of attraction for business and the service sector, providing a constant influx of buyers and customers. Mass passenger traffic guarantees business high demand and good payback, because for people it is an opportunity to get all the necessary goods and services without extra effort and time.


The shopping and entertainment center includes everything necessary for the residents of the district: a modern supermarket, a fitness center, a food hall and a children's entertainment center. The proximity to the Main Botanical Garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences named after N.V. Tsitsin with an area of 361 hectares creates additional opportunities for the arrangement of panoramic terraces of restaurants, the organization of outdoor fitness club workouts and the use of natural motifs in the design of common areas of the shopping center. The interior space of the shopping center was designed with the participation of the world-famous Japanese architectural bureau NIKKEN SEKKEI. Construction is scheduled to begin on September 1, 2019.


Comments Alexandra Chirkaeva, Head of the Department of retail premises CBRE in Moscow: "The success of this shopping complex is determined by its unique location with direct access to the shopping area from the MCC station "Botanical Garden", the second largest the intensity of passenger traffic in Moscow. The shopping center is distinguished by a thoughtful concept in which we took into account the needs of an expanding business cluster and residents of new residential complexes: it involves a family entertainment center, a fitness club, a large food hall and, of course, all types of services that are needed in the IFC.


Information and photos: CBRE