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24.10.2016 | Лидия Соколова

Activities to increase traffic in the mall

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Prize to the studio!


However, the selection of prizes and the preparation of conditions should be taken carefully, because an incorrectly selected prize fund can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the promotion. An example of such a high-budget failure is an action held in a prestigious regional shopping and entertainment center. The main prize in it was a professional photo shoot, which could be obtained by collecting a certain number of stickers for a purchase over a certain amount. To achieve the cherished goal, the buyer had to spend 15 thousand rubles or more, which significantly exceeds the cost of the photo shoot itself, especially in the region. It is easy to assume that the effectiveness of the campaign was minimal with a fairly high budget spent on its organization.



At the same time, our company has a successful example of a New Year's event in the shopping and entertainment center "Elgrad" (Elektrostal). Her budget was relatively small, there were no expensive prizes and at the same time the entry threshold was quite high. Checks for purchases in the amount of three thousand rubles or more participated in the drawing. At the same time, the visitors of the shopping center showed incredible interest in the action, there was still a lot of time left before the end of the action, and the organizers had run out of coupons of participants, they had to print an additional edition. Residents of the entire Noginsk and adjacent districts knew about the campaign. And the average check was getting higher, and customer traffic increased. Such a positive effect is most likely due to the fact that people in the Moscow region are not spoiled by frequent practical jokes and entertainment events. In Moscow, incentive promotions take place in every shopping center regardless of the time of year: various prizes are played out in them, but buyers spoiled by such abundance take part in activities less willingly than in the regions.


Speaking about Moscow shopping and entertainment centers, it can be noted that the greatest interest of visitors is caused by promotions in which the main prize is a car. The drawing of a car causes even more excitement than the drawing of an apartment, which does not look as impressive as a prize. The car is put on public display by the organizers of the event in the shopping center, you can touch it, look at it, and some of the visitors probably dream of just such a thing. The drawing of a car can be called a completely working incentive campaign.


The director himself


When organizing events for a shopping and entertainment center, it is important to understand that it is not enough to make a good concept, a creative idea is needed. Here is an example of a wonderful synergistic partnership with excellent resonance in the media, one of the highest-budget commercial events of 2015 - the opening of the multifunctional complex "Kuntsevo Plaza". The key idea of the event was to set a new world record: with the help of visitors to the multifunctional complex to perform the largest picture ever painted by visitors to shopping centers. Everyone was invited to dip their palm in paint and attach a sketch of the landscape to the whitewashed canvases applied in advance. The idea was brilliantly brought to life, more than 12 thousand people took part in the creation of the picture. The previous record set in India, which was attended by about 8000 participants, was broken.



Getting into the Guinness Book of Records is a very good result of the event, albeit costly. In addition, the organizers invited the Guinness Book of World Records record holders, the tallest man in the world, the smallest woman and the world champion in football freestyle to take part in the celebration, who held a master class for everyone. This is an excellent example of how it was possible not just to arrange an interesting event, but also to increase the brand awareness of the object itself, achieve significant resonance in the media, get high traffic and, most importantly, win success from the visitors themselves. After all, do not forget that the main purpose of any event held in a shopping and entertainment center is a satisfied visitor who will return to it again and again.


Author: Olga Shtoda,

Director of Management BlackStone Keeping Company