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07.03.2019 | Наталья Кулагина

The potential of the Polish fashion market

The Polish clothing and textile marketI am one of the most promising and largest markets in Europe. Currently, in terms of its volume, it is in second place among the EU countries. Poland occupies the 1st6th place among the largest exporters, and Polish goods are sold through international trade networks. Exports of the following product categories are developing at the fastest pace: innovative sportswear, premium underwear, as well as accessories.


Every year the Polish fashion industry is gaining more and more economic importance and is developing at an accelerated pace. The dynamics of the Polish textile clothing market will continue to grow by 5% until the end of 2020. According to forecasts, the volume of this market in 2022 will exceed 43 billion zloty (10 billion euros), which will double the volume within a decade. The intensive development of the industry is supported by innovative solutions in the field of e-commerce, which are actively used by Polish manufacturers.



New technologies and innovations


New products are constantly appearing on the clothing market in Poland. A more and more recognizable category of products of the Polish clothing industry is becoming specialized sportswear and thermoactive underwear. The market volume of this segment in Poland is already estimated at 465 billion zlotys (2 billion euros).


Another significant category of the Polish clothing market, in addition to women's, is specialized work clothes, in particular, protective clothing for firefighters, miners or mechanics, as well as corporate uniforms. Both categories use innovative raw materials and materials offered by Polish manufacturers. The Polish textile industry implements a number of world-class technological innovations.



The offer of Polish textile and materials companies includes a wide range of modified natural textile raw materials, synthetic and artificial fibers of a new generation, materials whose fiber structure includes substances that change their original properties (the so-called "strong" ennobling), as well as clothing printed by direct digital printing. In addition, Polish clothing manufacturers offer a number of intelligent industry products ("smart clothing") with attractive and creative design, which successfully conquer international markets.


Poland is a leader in the production of shoes and jewelry


Shoes are also an export category with great potential. Currently Poland is in fourth place among shoe manufacturers in Europe. This is due to both the volume of production and technological innovations introduced into the production and sales process. Polish shoe brands are conquering the market not only in Europe, but also in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.



Poland is also a leader in the production of silver jewelry and amber products, which are an undisputed symbol of the Polish jewelry industry, combining both new industrial technologies and classic, proven for centuries in traditional crafts, as well as handmade products by skilled craftsmen. Most of the jewelry products are intended for export. Poland's share in the world market is estimated at almost 70%. Polish jewelry is sold in more than 80 countries around the world, mainly in Asia, the USA and the European Union.





As part of the exhibition CPM–COLLECTION PREMIÈRE MOSCOW, February 27, 2019 at the stand The Polish Investment and Trade Agency held a press conference on Polish fashion in Pavilion 8.2.



It was opened by the head of the Trade Representative Office of the Republic of Poland in Moscow Wojciech Kolignan. Then, in accordance with the planned program of the press conference, an industry expert made a presentation on the main trends in Polish fashion Kinga Miller. After the presentation, a press tour was organized for journalists, during which they could get acquainted with the stands of several Polish brands, in particular, such as ALWERO, Sposa, Huzior. POTIS & VERSO.



The organizer of the press conference is Tthe Representative Office of the Republic of Poland in the Russian Federation and the Central Office Polish Investment and Trade Agency in Warsaw.


Photos: provided by the organizers