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16.02.2018 | Лидия Соколова

Textile Design Talents Solstudio Award

Textile design can be called the heart of the light industry. The Russian textile design studio Solstudio Textile Design together with Soyuzlegprom has established a textile design competition Textile Design Talents Award.

The contest is aimed at supporting talented textile designers of our country and the nearest abroad, drawing the attention of professionals of all industries to them and creating conditions for the best use and development of their outstanding abilities in the industry.


The first season of the Textile Design Talents Award will be held in intensive mode until March 10, contestants must provide at least 6 textile prints in two trend directions of the season "spring-summer 2019". A professional international jury will evaluate the works of the participants, and already on March 20 during the Russian Textile and Light Industry Week 2018 and the exhibition Intertkan» the winner will be awarded.


The main prize Textile Design Talents Award is a fully paid internship in the design department of the world's leading textile factory Ratti S.p.A.,Marzotto Group (Como, Italy).

Ratti The largest textile factory in Europe, specializing in high fashion fabrics for more than 70 years.Here they create fabrics for leading fashion houses such as Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and many others. Design workshop Ratti – one of the largest in Europe. Museum Fondazione Antonio Ratti – a place that every fabric designer dreams of visiting. It is there that a unique encyclopedic textile collection is presented, which includes about 400 thousand fabrics, original sketches, color samples and samples.

The prize for the second place is an opportunity to create your own collection of textile drawings and print ten of your best works on fabric at the Red Dot Industry factory in Moscow.


The winner of the third place will be invited to an internship at the textile design studio Solstudio Textile Design in Moscow.


Specialists in the field of design, independent designers of textiles, interior, clothing, accessories, design studios and creative associations, students and graduates of specialized universities, as well as everyone who has the appropriate training and desire to create drawings for fabric are invited to participate in the competition.The Textile Design Talents Award contest declares a broad understanding of textile design as a surface design: from the creation of patterns for fabric and clothing to the pattern used in the interior, accessories, shoes and any other surfaces related to the main directions of fashion and light industry development.


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Photo: Solstudio Textile Design,shutterstock