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21.02.2019 | Альбина Весина

Solstudio Textile Design: our people in Paris

From February 12 to 14, 2019, the largest textile exhibition Première Vision was held in Paris.This event is one of the main regulators of the global fashion industry, determines the trends of future seasons and inspires fashion designers around the world. In February of this year Première Vision united more than 2,700 participants, whose stands were visited by about 70,000 guests.

The Russian textile design studio Solstudio Textile Design, the only permanent participant of the exhibition from Russia since 2015, has broken records for citations. The studio's works were published in the official exhibition catalog as illustrations of the main global trends of the season spring-summer 2020.


Solstudio Textile Group at Premiere Vision in Paris

Before the session, the exhibition committee asks the participants to send their best materials, which, in their opinion, form the future trends of fashion. Each of the 230 strongest exhibiting studios submits about 50 works for consideration. The expert group of the exhibition selects from them those that illustrate new trends. The composition of the expert group changes every season, it includes the world's leading experts from different fields of fashion: representatives of major fashion houses, retailers, fabric manufacturers. They decide what will be shown in the main hall of the exhibition trends.

Visitors first of all go there to understand what will be the main direction of the season, and then they go to the stands of the participants. Every studio strives to get to the trends booth, because that's where the main stream of specialists, journalists, and experts comes. Moreover, the drawings selected for the trends stand also show the number of the company's stand, thus additional attention is drawn to it.


Solstudio Textile Group at Premiere Vision in Paris

Every season the drawings of the Russian textile design studio Solstudio Textile Design get on the trends stand. And this season has become truly triumphant:five drawings of the studio got to the trends stand, and three of them were published in the official catalog of Première Vision and became an illustration of the main directions of the next season «spring-summer 2020»..

Comments Alexandra Kaloshina, founder of Solstudio Textile Group: "Every session, young artists of the studio work at the stand. It is very important for us that they see how the trend is being formed, how visitors and buyers react to new trends in the field of design and to the drawings that they have created themselves. We try to instill an intuitive sense of fashion. This can only be done when you have seen a lot of work and are following the changes in the social environment from season to season during such large exhibition processes.


Photo: Solstudio Textile Design