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15.06.2018 | Лидия Соколова

Synergy Art Forum Moscow 2018

At the end of May, the Central Manege hosted a landmark event in the art world, held in Moscow for the first time Synergy Art Forum Moscow 2018.

Synergy Art Forum This is a large-scale art platform that unites entrepreneurs, art managers, collectors, gallery owners, publishers in the field of art and fashion and just art lovers.



Among the speakers of the Forum, I would like to highlight significant figures in the world of art business:

  • The founder of the magazine that combined fashion and art, Visionaire, fashion editor V Magazin, one of the ten most influential journalists in the field of fashion – Cecilia Dean. Report "Creativity in Art"
  • Co-founder of the Black Rock Arts Foundation and the annual eight-day event in the desert Black Rock, where visitors of contemporary art from all over the world gather, Burning ManCrimson Rose.  Report «The phenomenon of Burning Man»
  • Head of the Art Business Research Department at Sotheby's Institute of Art, author of more than 100 articles and 7 books on art, lecturer in politics and management at London City University, course on art and antiques in Class Business School, visiting Professor of the University of Lisbon Tsinghua University in Beijing – Ian Robertson. Report – «Pricing in Contemporary Art»
  • Co-founder of the DSL Collection, the world's first collection that is presented in virtual reality and includes paintings, sculpture, photography, video art and installations by more than three hundred leading Chinese avant-garde artists, co-founder of the Virtual Reality Museum, member of the international committee of the Tate Modern Gallery –Silviana Levi.  Report «Art collecting in the spirit of entrepreneurship». According to Levi, collecting art objects is an opportunity for an ordinary person to live a very interesting life.
  • The owner of the Pearl Lam Gallery in Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, the founder of the China Art Foundation, "the most influential woman in Asia" according to Forbes, the daughter of a Hong Kong real estate magnate Pearl Lamb. The report "The role of the gallery owner in the art business system. How Asia is changing the rules of the game: challenges and opportunities
  • Chief lawyer-consultant of the company advising on investment in art and providing expert services to serious collectors and investors The Fine Art GroupFresh Steward. The report "Art as an investment".

A presentation on the topic "How to create a sought-after creative space" was made by a representative of the Russian art space, owner of the design factory "Bottle", CEO of the Realogic Management Company, which turns Moscow abandoned factories into comfortable offices for creative teams. Nikolai Matushevsky.


A unique project at the intersection of art and businessSynergy Art Forum – allowed a deeper acquaintance with the world of contemporary art, the main trends, laws, technologies of the art market development.


Author: Svetlana Vinte