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18.01.2018 | Наталья Кулагина

Soul Salon – sustainable fashion exhibition in the Netherlands

In July 2017, a new fashion exhibition Soul Salon was held in Amsterdam for the first time, dedicated to innovation and sustainability in the fashion industry. It featured more than 60 exhibitors producing clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry and other accessories and promoting a responsible approach to fashion (sustainable fashion). Among them were: MYOMY, Julia Otilia, Lanius, Shirts for Life, Lilirooz, Mud Jeans, Zazu Amsterdam, Elements of Freedom, etc. The exhibition attracted close media attention from local newspapers and bloggers to international print and television news outlets.



The goal of the most progressive fashion exhibition in the Netherlands is to unite brands, designers, buyers and the press in order to share a responsible approach to business, unite and work together for a sustainable future.


Soul Salon is organized by Powering Sustainable Fashion, the owner and initiator of the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week and the Dutch Trade Fair, the agency Goodbrandz and the web platform .



From January 21 to 22, 2018, the second season of the Soul Salon will take place at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, which will bring together a much larger number of visitors and more than 100 brands representing authentic designer collections of future fashion, food for a healthy lifestyle, interior design and much more. For example, the Dutch brand Antipode, specializing in the manufacture of beautiful clothes made of bamboo, will take part in the winter exhibition.Since bamboo is convenient for production and has a very soft texture, it provides the highest quality of products in collections.


Soul Salon 2018 is a place where sellers, sustainable brands and brands, industry media can meet in order to establish mutually beneficial cooperation, share concepts and inspire each other. This is an opportunity to demonstrate that responsibly manufactured products are also stylish, comfortable and original.


In addition, the participants will have an extensive business program with presentations of current trends and numerous seminars.



In Europe, especially in the Scandinavian countries, the tradition of sustainable fashion has already firmly planted its roots in the industry. In Russia, the generally accepted name of this phenomenon has not yet been developed, and it is translated in different ways: «sustainable fashion», «slow fashion», «conscious fashion».


This fashion implies a responsible attitude to the planet, nature and people. One of the basic principles on which sustainable fashion is based is from cradle to cradle, that is, when starting work, the designer thinks about all stages of the life cycle of a thing: how it appears, how it is used and where it ends its life. It is assumed that the system should be stable: during the production and consumption of things, the ecosystem of the planet is not harmed.



The responsible approach of designers to fashion lies in their attentive attitude to the conditions in which the collection is made, to the people who make and consume it, to the environment, in a word, the entire life cycle of an individual product is important. 


Basically, sustainable fashion is represented by small brands that can offer a unique product compared to the goods of large corporations focused on "fast fashion".  


Photo: Soul Salon