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28.02.2017 | Елена Смирнова

XIX Central Asia Fashion Exhibition in Almaty

For ten years of work in the Kazakhstan market, the exhibition has become a truly leading platform for dialogue between suppliers of fashion industry goods and representatives of wholesale and retail trade from Central Asia.


The exhibitors are leading manufacturers and suppliers of men's, women's and children's clothing, shoes, accessories, underwear, evening dresses, hats, outerwear and fur.


Every season, well-known clothing manufacturers from Italy, France, Finland, Poland, Latvia, Turkey, Russia, Moldova, Belarus and other countries become participants of the exhibition. Interest in the event continues to grow every year. So, last year, a large part of the exposition was allocated to companies from India, which presented their products in Almaty for the first time.


Participation in the exhibition for many companies is organized by the Associations of Light Industry of the participating countries, thereby confirming that Central Asia Fashion is a high-quality platform for foreign brands to enter the Kazakh market.


Visitors of the exhibition are owners and owners of fashion business, heads of wholesale and retail companies, buyers, designers, buyers. Each exhibition season attracts about 4,000 visitors from Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries.


Central Asia Fashion is unique in its format for the Central Asian region. Thanks to its concept, the exhibition helps exhibitors to use all modern exhibition technologies for the most effective promotion of their goods.




Central Asia Fashion works in three directions: Expo, Business, Show. Presentations of the participants' collections take place not only at the exhibition stands, but also in a specially organized fashion show area. The business direction of the exhibition is presented in the format of business sessions, panel discussions, trainings and seminars. As the long-term experience of holding discussion events at the exhibition has shown, they are in great demand among visitors and participants, since here the players of the Kazakh fashion business touch on the most relevant topics for all market players. So, taking into account the need for a rapid response to economic changes in the country, participants discuss key issues on how to continue working and earning in difficult times, what new promotion technologies are emerging and how to use them as efficiently as possible.


This year, the business program of the Central Asia Fashion exhibition will be held with the direct participation of international experts. Their arrival will be possible thanks to cooperation with the reputable international organization - the Eurasian Bank for Reconstruction and Development. This non-profit organization has been working for more than 25 years to finance both new and existing projects in various sectors of the economy, including fashion. The involvement of world-class international experts is designed to bring the business program to a qualitatively new level as one of the important elements of the exhibition.



In addition, analytical sessions based on the results of the research of the consumer market of Kazakhstan from Nielsen Kazakhstan have already become traditional. This year will be no exception.Victoria Plotnitskaya, Head of Consumer Research at Nielsen Kazakhstan, will talk about what new trends in the behavior of sellers and buyers appeared after the reboot of fashion retail after the crisis.


This year, for the seventh season in a row, the special educational project "Fashion School" will continue its work. This is a series of professional educational training seminars organized jointly with the Moscow Academy of Retail Technologies.


In order for the exhibition to be visited by as many buyers and representatives of retail and wholesale trade as possible, the International Exhibition Company CATEXPO conducts the Hosted Buyers Program. It is she who provides regional visitors with free accommodation and transfer to Almaty during the days of the exhibition. Every year, more than 600 visitors from the regions of Kazakhstan become participants of the Hosted Buyers Program.


The Central Asia Fashion exhibition continues to develop. During the days of the event, a business atmosphere prevails in the exhibition pavilion, encouraging an open dialogue, exchange of contacts and acquisition of new knowledge and skills.