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29.11.2017 | Степан Максимов

Shopping malls are becoming conceptual again

Due to the ongoing crisis, the efforts of landlords in the retail segment are still aimed at finding within the framework of new and already operating shopping centers "working" concepts that will provide retailers with good profits, and owners of objects have a high demand for their space. Today the time has come for a shopping center with a single "thematic" concept that will unite retail and entertainment components with a single idea, says the owner of Ecoofis Group,Andrey Kovalev.



"The decline in the purchasing power of citizens and the associated difficulties of retailers two or three years ago led to the fact that "conceptual shopping centers" in the understanding of the mid and late noughties practically ceased to exist. The scheme «anchor tenant – shopping gallery – food court » was no longer attractive to visitors and, as a result, to tenants, – says Andrey Kovalev. "At the same time, the so-called specialized shopping centers began to go into the past, which collected stores of the same profile under their roof."



According to the expert, today the understanding of the "conceptual shopping center" is becoming different. It should be one or another thematic concept that includes a leisure component and related shops. This approach somewhat narrows the target audience, but it targets it and gives tenants more efficient customer traffic.


According to statistics GC "Ecoofis", the formation of a thematic concept in a shopping center is able to increase demand from tenants of the appropriate profile by at least 70% and allows you to raise the rental rate above the average market level. Sports, music, culinary components, art, antiques and much more can work as the basis of such a concept.


"Today, for tenants of the same profile, the neighborhood within the framework of a thematic concept interesting to the visitor is a win-win situation, which makes it possible to multiply revenue. And it's time for the owners of retail facilities to take note of this: according to our statistics, the formation of conceptual spaces in existing facilities with a good location gives excellent occupancy and allows you to raise rents. Even at a rate of 5%10% above the market, as practice shows, demand from tenants will be high, notes Andrey Kovalev. – This is confirmed by the experience of our Sunflowers shopping center, where the Art&Food concept is being implemented on 7,000 sq.m of the shopping center, including a neighborhood area of cafes and restaurants with concerts, shows and social events – demand from tenants was so high that we have already introduced a waiting list.