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28.08.2017 | Наталья Кулагина

The third VEGAS shopping mall in Moscow

On September 21, the shopping and entertainment complex VEGAS Kuntsevo will open in Moscow (approximately 287,000 square meters) – the third project of the network of themed shopping malls VEGAS of the company Crocus Group.


The design of the complex is made in Italian style, a picturesque city with cozy streets and floral balconies is integrated into its space. The central atrium has become a copy of the greatest architectural monument of the ancient Roman Colosseum, where gladiator battles took place in the ancient era.


«For the newVEGAS Kuntsevo we chose Italy. The Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italian streets and a special atmosphere VEGAS Kuntsevo is a combination of history, architecture, shopping and special emotions. In order to ensure sufficient traffic, it is not enough to be just a shopping center with a set of well-known brands, a food court and cinemas.This is not enough. There must be a concept, an idea and its development. We do not stand still and are always looking for something interesting: new formats, new tenants, new services for buyers. We are not building another mall, we are making a unique product that is in demand on the market.

Emin Agalarov, First Vice President of Crocus Group and Head of the VEGAS project

The Walk of Fame is a traditional element of theVEGAS network – in the shopping complex in Kuntsevo will perpetuate the names of outstanding athletes. In VEGAS Kashirskoe Highway and VEGAS Crocus City it is dedicated to celebrities, including Elton John, Pierre Richard, Placido Domingo, Robert de Niro, Carlos Santana, Donald Trump, Antonio Banderas, Bradley Cooper, Monica Bellucci and many others.



In addition to shopping, in the new VEGAS you can visit a cinema, an ice rink and a sports complex Crocus Fitness. The shopping mall is located on the 56th kilometer of the MKAD, between Mozhaisk and Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway. Leading world and Russian brands will be presented here, including G-Star RAW, Levi's, Uniqlo, ZARA, H&M, Guess, Koton, Monki, Tous, Valtera, Lego, BEAUTYLABN7, hypermarket «Your House», electronics stores Samsung, Sony Centre, «M.Video», as well as multiplex Karo Kuntsevo 13. The large food court area will be filled with famous restaurants: Edoko, Zafferano, Forte Bello, IL Patio, Starbucks, Coffee Shop, McDonalds, Lebanon House and many others.


Music Channel «MUZ-TV» – partner of the trading network VEGAS – will open its new venue in Kuntsevo and continue a series of grandiose parties «MUZ-TV Party Zone" with the participation of domestic and foreign stars.  



The first project of the VEGAS network on Kashirskoye Highway is the largest entertainment complex in Russia, its total area is 480,000 square meters. Opened in 2011, VEGAS became the country's first themed shopping mall with an extreme amusement park. The interior of the shopping center is decorated in the form of night streets illuminated by the dazzling light of skyscrapers.


The second project VEGAS (285,000 square meters), located on the territory of Crocus City near Myakinino metro station, was opened in 2014. The space of the shopping mall recreates exact copies of the famous New York squares and streets - Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Madison Avenue and 47th Street. It is here that the largest cinema in Russia is located, as well as the concert venue «Crocus City Hall» and«Crocus City Aquarium».