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21.12.2018 | Альбина Весина

Robots fold, not humans

Last year, the company FoldiMate presented at theInternational Consumer Electronics Show (annual international consumer electronics show, held in Las Vegas, USA) a project of a robotic laundry folder, which quickly puts things in neat piles so that they can be easily removed. This year FoldiMate in its newsletter with invitations to the exhibition invited everyone to take their underwear with them and personally try a fully working prototype!


FoldiMate will help perfectionists with laundry styling


FoldiMate takes over all the work of folding laundry. According to the press release, it is enough to simply insert shirts, blouses, trousers and towels into the clips FoldiMate – and all the laundry will neatly fold itself! The original design automatically adapts to the size of the clothes and can fold a whole stack in a couple of minutes.



Thanks to this invention, you can devote more time to all sorts of interesting activities, and the cabinets and drawers will be in complete order.


Photo: FoldiMate and from open sources