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31.08.2017 | Альбина Весина

Shoes that always fit

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The technology of virtual shoe fitting and 3D modeling of the human foot is an indisputable trend of the new time. The devices appearing on the market are designed to solve the problem of size mismatch once and for all.


Are you sure you know your shoe size exactly?

The size is a figure that does not actually determine the unique three-dimensional geometry of your foot or the unique geometry of a shoe shoe. Agree that our feet are not flat - they are voluminous. In the vast majority of cases, the size, that is, the numerical value, indicates only the length of the pad. We can make a big mistake if we don't make sure by fitting that the shoes fit well. However, even this does not guarantee a comfortable wear in the future, since the proportions of our foot change significantly under the influence of weight and the force with which we act on it while walking. This is how nature created our feet.



While running, the foot expands by almost 15%, and the difference in length reaches 13 mm in an adult male. Accordingly, it will be comfortable to run in shoes that are not the size we are used to. There is a significant contradiction: worn shoes can no longer be returned to the store, and without wearing shoes, it is impossible to say for sure whether they fit or not.

Moreover, statistics show that about 60% of people wear shoes that do not fit them, cause pain and even lead to diseases. This is the official data of a study conducted by New Balance, one of the largest shoe brands on the planet. Lack of satisfaction from wearing leads to discomfort, calluses. It is logical that the pain experienced by the buyer is associated with the brand of shoes.

To facilitate the search for comfortable shoes, to choose a perfectly fitting shoe with minimal time will help the unique technology of virtual shoe fitting Try.Fit. This technology compares 3D models of shoe pads with 3D models of human feet. This approach allows you to solve the key task of choosing the most successful pair of shoes for the buyer without actually fitting. This is especially true for online stores where it is not possible to order several pairs at once for fitting and then return the unsuitable ones.

To scan the feet of customers, Tryfit Technologies has developed its own 3D scanner and Scan.Fit software. The hardware and software solution, which is a small (0.7 square meters), somewhat similar to a scale, quad-shaped platform, is installed in a store or shopping center. The so-called masts with 3D cameras are located at the four corners of the scanner, and all the special technical stuffing is hidden inside the device.


It is enough for the buyer to stand on the scanner for a few seconds - the 3D image of his feet will get into the Try customer database.Fit and on the store seller's iPad. After that, by pressing just one button, a virtual fitting of several thousand models is performed literally in one second. The system compares the geometry and parameters of the buyer's foot with the geometry and parameters of the shoe, determining from thousands of pairs tens or units of the most convenient.

For the most accurate calculation, Try.Fit uses more than 20 parameters, for example, it measures the width at the heel, the ankle, the narrowest point, the height of the heel or the girth in the boot for fitting boots.


To be continued.