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23.07.2018 | Наталья Кулагина

Monobrands New Balance and Timberland opened on Arbat

The company «Jamilko», one of the largest distributors of luxury goods in Russia, has opened stores of American brands New Balance and Timberland in the tourist center of Moscow at the address: Arbat, 35. A room with an area of more than 300 square meters in a historic building occupying an entire block between Kaloshin and Krivoarbatsky lanes was picked up by the JLL team.


The legendary house, which is the "hallmark" of the Old Arbat, was chosen to open two stores at once. For Timberland, this store is the third in the street retail format in Russia and has become the flagship: it offers a product customization service, exclusive offers and limited collections.



The first store of the brand New Balance in Russia opened in 2011, and "Arbatsky" will become the 50th concept store in the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. It is designed in the new retail concept Metropolitan, designed specifically for world capitals. The emphasis in the store's assortment is on limited collections and models designed specifically for the Russian market.


The opening of stores in the tourist artery of the capital will allow us to attract the attention of many guests of Moscow, introduce them to capsule collections presented only in Russia, and, of course, please regular customers of New Balance and Timberland. That is why the range here will be as wide as possible, including exclusive models.



Olga Mamonova, Member of the Board of the company "Jamilko"



Photo: provided by the press service of JLL