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26.03.2019 | Альбина Весина

Interior trends 2020

March 21 in the trend zone of the exhibition "Intertkan-2019.Spring» passed a master class «Interior trends of the 2020 season». The event was held by Anna Pronskaya – textile designer, artist, school teacher «Details». Anna's portfolio includes dozens of completed projects created by her as a business partner of Arte Domo. Anna collaborates with many famous architects and decorators as a consultant and designer of the textile part of the project.


At the master class, you could learn about how interior design ideas are created. The interior, according to Anna, cannot be just a combination of furniture, carpets, lamps, etc. Interiors arise around philosophy. Designers always have their own special philosophy of being, which they translate through the interiors they create. It's almost like in painting, that is, the theme is one person, his various sides of personality, the struggle within himself, the energy of love, kindness, etc., but it is told by different means of expressing an artistic image.


Interior trends 2020


Anna spoke about the general trends in interior design that have existed for several years, continue today and will develop further. There are three directions of textile decor: authenticity, theatricality, innovation. Every year we receive a number of new collections, new catalogs that can be divided into these three main areas. They are constantly being refined, moving, developing, but they have been steadily existing for quite a long time. These are the so-called macro trends. What are they characterized by?


Authenticity a popular trend in textile interior design today, generated by the tendency to reduce consumption and nostalgia for the past. Authentic textures, authentic things with their own history, their memories of a particular family or culture have a higher value than mass-produced items. Natural materials: natural cotton, wool, linen, silk fabrics or those with the color of natural fiber retain a wide range of admirers from year to year and belong to the design of the luxury class, despite the fact that, in essence, these are completely simple things.


Theatricality Almost all interior design, as well as design in general, is in this direction. Through the clothes, the interior, through the images that we create on ourselves and in our space, we create some ideal worlds, fantasy worlds, conceptual solutions. Most of what is happening now in our interior design relates to the direction of "theatricality".


And the last – innovation. The search for new forms, new solutions, new materials, new architecture. In this direction, the fabric itself is a completely different material. This may no longer be a structure created on a loom due to the interlacing of the weft thread and the warp. These may be non-woven materials that replace natural ones and perform completely different functions. They must have certain technological properties, such as bacterial resistance. Innovation a completely different approach to interior textiles, the approach of the future.


Interior trends 2020


At the end of the master class, Anna wished each participant to find their own philosophy. Not only to observe trends, which, of course, is also useful and exciting, but also to create trends yourself. Enjoy finding and discovering new things, designs, and coloristic palettes. And enjoy the joy of being and creativity.


Source: Soyuzlegprom