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16.01.2019 | Альбина Весина

Trends in women's fashion at Tekstillegprom

On February 19 within the framework of the 52nd Federal Fair "Tekstillegprom"Marina Meshkova, trend analyst of the Department of clothing and accessories of JSC "strong>"Faberlik", in the author's The seminar «Commercial trends in women's fashion trends of the season «spring-summer 2020»  will present unique trends in women's fashion.
Fashion trend – this is a tool to increase sales. Customer interest in the current market conditions is often fueled not even by advertising the products themselves, but by a general brand promotion strategy. It is no coincidence that the last year in the fashion industry was marked by a wave of rebranding, collaborations, storytelling. At the helm of the leading fashion houses are influencers. Online companies, communities and famous people began to influence the opinion and behavior of the target audience much more than traditional advertising. In these conditions, it is important for domestic companies to respond promptly to changing trends and invest not only in product development, but also in marketing methods.
The seminar will consider the factors influencing the economic and creative aspects of the development and creation of collections of the season "spring-summer 2020". How are these trends reflected in the local Russian market? What should clothing manufacturers do in a situation where the needs of customers and their behavior are rapidly changing? 
Seminar program
  1. Review of women's fashion trends of the spring-summer 2020 season;:
    • mainstream mass fashion palettes: basic, fashion and for "showcases";
    • fashion themes promising for mass commercial clothing brands;
    • commercial silhouettes and proportions by product categories of clothing: 
      • coat,
      • women's suit,
      • skirts,
      • blouses,
      • knitwear,
      • dresses.
  2. Fashionable trends of ornament and decorative decoration in women's clothing.
  3. Variants of capsules of the assortment and means of artistic expression of the DNA of fashion brands:
    • heritage/romantic,
    • preppy/glamorous,
    • artisan
    • mainstream
Each participant of the seminar receives extensive presentation visual material on electronic media, including photos from brand shows of "pret-a-port" trendsetters, color palettes with PANTONE encoding, an overview of fashionable topics, an overview of current silhouettes by product categories. 
We invite you to visit the 52nd Federal Wholesale Fair of Textile and Light Industry Goods and Equipment «Tekstillegprom», which will be held on February 19–22, 2019 in Moscow at VDNH in Pavilion No. 75. Within Communication platforms will host educational cycles on trends in textile design of the season "spring-summer 2020", wholesale and retail sales technologies and computer technologies. More than 30 events will be held at the Free Space platform on topical topics of the modern fashion market with the invitation of competent speakers.
Photo: press service «RLP-Fair»