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19.10.2017 | Лидия Соколова

Intensive about PR in fashion from Fashion Consulting Group

Fashion Consulting Group, announces recruitment for the first course inPR in fashion, developed by leading PR specialists working in the field offashion, with the involvement of editors of leading media.


The teachers of the course are not only fashion gurus with extensive practical experience, but also editors-in-chief of glossy and business media.Among them: Katerina Makarova, founder of PR agency Everything personal, former PR Articoli, Cosmotheca, organizer of special projects in Bosco di Ciliegi, "Snob" Yana Basaranovich, founder of WhY B Consult agency, former PR Director , former brand manager of Elle; Maria Kuznetsova, founder of the PR agency Orange PR;Olga Narozhnaya, Marketing Director of Faberlic; Polina Shabelnikova, Senior fashion editor of Glamour, stylist; Andrey Zolotov, editor-in-chief of Forbes Life; Yulia Vydolob, editor-in-chief ; Natalia Arkhangelskaya, editor-in-chief of SNC; Daria Cherkudinova, editor-in-chief of the magazine "The Secret of the firm", ex-editor of The Village (Hopes&Fears).  



Listeners will be able to see both sides of the work ofPR in the fashion industry. The program is divided into blocks, each of which consists of a main PR lecture, an editor's master class and practical tasks.


At the end of the course, students will learn how to write the right texts, make good shots, be friends with journalists and editors of glossy and business media, set up PR processes in their own company, understand the audience and communicate with it in the same language and convert PR into sales.


The program will be useful for young professionals who want to build a career in fashion PR, as well as business owners related to clothing, footwear or accessories who need knowledge in this field, and owners of fashion startups who want to independently carry out PR functions at the start of your own business at no extra cost.


The program starts on November 15, 2017.


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