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15.09.2017 | Альбина Весина

Fashion Consulting Group Intensive courses in October

Fashion Consulting Group has started recruiting for the autumn intensive programs on effective retail and assortment management.


October 2nd–6th. Intensive «Fashion assortment management»


The course program covers all aspects of working with the assortment, from the formation of the structure to buying and working with leftovers.


The secret of forming a fashion assortment for a specific season is a combination of correct interpretation of the analytics data of previous seasons, commercial plans for the next season and strategic business parameters. Each company has its own purchasing formula. It is based on the key competencies of the brand, which should connect the model range with correctly selected seasonal trends.



The training program reveals the key concepts and tools of fashion assortment management: what are the key groups in the fashion assortment, how to lay competitive advantages and demonstrate assortment competencies, what is a balanced assortment structure, how to build a balanced assortment matrix (according to the FCG method), how to choose a fashion trend, close to your buyer, how to plan for the next season profit for assortment groups, how to optimize inventory planning, how to build an assortment matrix, the main types of assortment matrices in the fashion industry, assortment as a reflection of marketing, purchase for a specific buyer, adaptation of the trend in the collection of clothing segment mass market, solutions for optimizing the KPI index of the assortment, inventory planning for the season.


Author and coach of the course: Galina Kravchenko, Director of the department of "Assortment" Fashion Consulting Group, Head of the FCG representative office . Specializes in the development of commercial collections of clothing and footwear, assortment management in retail chains and wholesale companies. Introduces the international experience of fashion product development into the practice of Russian companies.


October 9th–13th. Intensive «Effective retail sales»


The course program contains everything you need to know about how to set up retail for owners and administrators of store chains and individual boutiques. From sales and cost planning, staff motivation, trade marketing to the calculation of balances at the end of the season, the development of a sales calendar plan and loyalty programs. And also about how the consumer behaves in the new reality and how to attract his attention, how the trading floor should look like and how to organize an additional service.



The main topics of the intensive are: sales and cost planning, the range of goods and the economy of the store, staff motivation and the economy of the store, trade marketing discounts or sales promotion, calculation of the effectiveness of promotions and events, budgeting for the season, calculation of the balance standard at the end of the season, the main tasks retail store during the crisis, consumer behavior during the crisis, working with goods, the store's trading floor during the crisis, the calendar plan of promotions and events during the crisis, methods of studying the target audience of the retail store, the methodology of forming price diamonds, technologies for developing a sales calendar plan, buyers – who they are and what they want, loyalty programs, visual merchandising, additional service.


Author and coach of the course: Natalia Chinenova, Chief consultant on business technologies in retail, leading expert in the areas of "Franchising" and "Distribution". A practitioner in the field of organizing retail business from scratch, creating and managing retail chains. Experience in retail for more than 32 years. For over 12 years she has worked in senior positions at SELA Corporation (including General Director of the Central Office). At the end of 2010, at the 8th All-Russian Competition "Golden Chains 2010", she received the award "Retail Manager of the Year" for the highest sales efficiency during the economic crisis. 


You can find out more about the programson the website of Fashion Consulting Group.