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21.02.2017 | Елена Смирнова

Domus Academy has launched Bachelor's degree programs

Domus Academy, one of the world's best schools in the field of fashion and design, has opened the first enrollment for bachelor's degree programs. The training will be conducted in three specialties: Experience Design, «Fashion Industry » and «Interior Design». Students will receive a unique education and will be able to practice in world-famous companies and design studios, including Versace, Motorola and BMW Design.


Previously, the academy offered only master's courses. With the launch of bachelor's degree programs, the enrollment for which is open for the 2017–2018 academic year, the opportunity to study according to the famous Domus Academy standards with full immersion in the profession has also appeared for students who do not yet have a higher education. While in Milan, one of the world's design capitals, students will receive an excellent education and immerse themselves in an inspiring creative environment and a booming commercial design industry.



The Bachelor's degree program in Experience Design at Domus Academy covers a range of disciplines and practices, such as interaction design, service design, information architecture, graphic and visual design, modeling, creative coding, scenario development and storytelling.

The "Fashion Industry" program will prepare students with a deep understanding of the global fashion industry. Graduates will be equipped with knowledge, skills and tools to solve all kinds of problems faced by international fashion brands. Students will learn how to analyze the market, predict future trends, create new opportunities, as well as develop creative and long-term omnichannel solutions through cooperation with real representatives of the fashion business.


Domus Academy's collaborative approach gives students the opportunity to take full advantage of internships at prestigious companies and design studios. Students can actively participate in courses, seminars, international competitions, as well as work directly with companies on their projects. Such direct cooperation gives students access to a wide network of professional connections.


Domus Academy is a cultural laboratory and the most prestigious Italian school, whose graduates work in the largest international companies: Nokia, Whirlpool, Gucci, Microsoft, Giorgio Armani, MAX MARA. The diploma of the academy is quoted all over the world, and the teachers are experts of the fashion and design industry, including Patricia Urquiola, Gaia Trussardi, Massimo Banzi and others.